Information for New Arrivals
To ensure all new and spontaneous arrivals seeking asylum have access to registration and are issued relevant documents, an organized procedure has been put in place.

Step 1: All new and Spontaneous arrivals report to the Camp Manager’s Office

Step 2: The individuals are referred from the Camp Manager’s Office to either Kakuma or Kalobeyei Reception Center where they will be accommodated.

Step 3: On scheduled day, they are transported to Field Post 2 for registration by Department of Refugee Services (DRS)

Step 4: Individuals will be transported back to the Reception Center and await relocation to the community.

Registration Activities at the Field Posts

Field Posts are opened daily, 5 days a week, to handle cases as below mentioned schedule.

New Arrival Registration activities take place at Field post 2 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. To ensure proper procedures are adhered to, only New Arrivals from the Reception Centers will be attended to.

Other registration services as listed below are attended to between 9am and 3pm.

Field Post 1– Every Thursday and Friday

Field Post 2– Every Thursday and Friday

Kalobeyei Field Post– Every Thursday and Friday

List of Registration Activities that will be covered:

  • New-born registration.
  • Issuance of registration-related appointments.
  • Replacement of Factsheet and Proof of Registration (‘Manifest’) documents.
  • Designation of New Focal Point/Household Representative.
  • Death registration and data update
  • Spontaneous departures.
  • Card merging/separation.
  • Update necessary information on an individual record, including change of address in the camp.
  • Activation- Being inactive does not affect your legal status in Kenya, however, it does impact your eligibility for assistance and services, for example, Food Ration. To avoid being inactivated, please, stay in contact with UNHCR and show up at Proof of Life and General Food Distribution.

Replacement of Ration Cards

To replace your ration card during Food Distribution, visit your nearest Field Post for assistance or refer to above schedule off-food distribution period.

Other Documentation

UNHCR and partners support you to obtain several documents including birth, marriage and death certificates, as well as business documentation. Ordinarily, this is done at the UNHCR Field Posts. More information on civil documentation please visit the Documentation page. You can also write to UNHCR if you have questions.

UNHCR Field Posts

UNHCR will be present at all Field Posts in Kakuma and Kalobeyei as follows:
Every Monday and Tuesday is for KASI enrolment only, and Wednesday and Thursday are for counseling. Counseling bookings can be made through KASI. Please approach your nearest Field Post to make an appointment for counseling through KASI. On the day of your appointment, please come to the Field Post with the minimum number of people from your household. This is to avoid overcrowding and maintain social distancing.
Updates on Resettlement activities and submissions can be accessed through KASI, which does not require booking for counseling. Applicants who have been interviewed for resettlement can access updates on the status of their case three months after interview. Additionally, Applicants who have attended RSC and other Resettlement country interviews can access updates on their cases by personally contacting the resettlement countries through email addresses provided to applicants during resettlement country interviews.

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