Gender-Based Violence

If you are experiencing a situation of gender-based violence, please report!

You can:

The DRC Field Offices are located in:

  • Kakuma 1: at UNHCR Field post 1 and in Hong Kong
  • Kakuma 2: at Africa Inland Church Health Ministries (AICHM) Clinic 5
  • Kakuma 3: near Lokitaung, former NCCK office
  • Kakuma 4: at DRC Youth Center
  • Kalobeyei Village 1: at the Safe Space, in V1 Furaha Centre 1 and Vocational Training Center
  • Kalobeyei Village 2: at the V2 Furaha Centre, at the AICHM Hospital and at the Handicraft Centre
  • Kalobeyei Village 3: at the Women & Empowerment Centre in N17 and at the V3 Furaha Centre

GBV response services include medical treatment (ideally within 72hrs of the incident), psychosocial support, provision of physical security in partnership with national police, provision of legal assistance and livelihood activities.

In a security emergency, if you need information or want to register a criminal complaint please go to the closest police station. A female police officer is working for you at Kakuma Main Police Station.

For more information, please go to:

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