Marriage and Divorce

Who issues Marriage and Divorce Documents?

For persons professing the Muslim faith the Judicial Khadi is in charge of such documents and adjudicates on issues on Muslim personal and family law. His offices are based in Dadaab.One of his main functions is to issue marriage and divorce certificates. He works with the local Sheikhs who officiate marriage according to Islamic law and the ADR Representatives in all the camps.

For non-Muslims(mainly Christians and other civil unions), the Marriage Registrar is mandated to issue marriage certificates and his offices are based in Nairobi. For divorce certificates/orders, these are issued by the High court based in Garissa after divorce petition. The applicant files for a divorce petition in Court and attaches an affidavit in support of the grounds for  divorce under the Marriage Act.RCK will assist and advise you on how to file the case.

For legal assistance and counselling please reach out to Refugee Consortium of Kenya (RCK) offices in your respective camp.

What happens if my document is lost/burned/stolen/mutilated etc?

First report this to the nearest police station and obtain a Police Abstract. Thereafter, inform RAS, NRC or UNHCR who will liaise with the relevant authorities for replacement.

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