Health services

UNHCR Dadaab has three main health programming objectives:

  • To improve the health status of the refugee population, including rational access to specialist referral care;
  • To ensure optimal access for asylum seekers/refugees to Reproductive Health and HIV Services;
  • To improve nutritional well-being.

The health sector is managing one hospital and four health posts in IFO camp and the Operational Theatre in Dadaab sub-district hospital through the Kenya Red Cross (KRCS), one hospital in Hagadera camp managed by IRC, and one hospital and 2 health posts in Dagahaley camp. WASH activities are implemented by CARE across the three camps.

Apart from the health partners, there are agencies supporting the implementation of health activities and focusing on the targeted assistance such as Film Aid, Radio Gargar, LWF, HI, DRC, SCK, TDH, CARE, CVT, and RCK. 

For any medical issue you can directly visit the health facilities in your camp. For assistance/enquiries on health-related issues please call the toll-free helplines:
Hagadera Camp: 0800 720 143
Ifo Camp: 0726368506/0725942928
Dagahaley camp: 0795759743

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