UNHCR works with the Ministry of Health (MoH), International Rescue Committee (IRC), Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) and other partners to provide free health and nutrition services to asylum seekers, refugees and members of the host community at eight health facilities in in Kakuma camp and Kalobeyei settlement. The health facilities include one general hospital, two health centres and five dispensaries (known as “health clinics”).

At all facilities you can receive the following services:

  • Comprehensive primary health care
    • Maternal and child health care, including:
      • Immunizations
      • Pre-natal care
      • Post-natal care
      • Consultations for children
  • Consultations for adults:
    • Diagnosis and treatment of illnesses such as diarrhea, pneumonia, malaria, Diabetes, hypertension etc.
  • Basic nursing services
    • Cleaning and dressing of wounds
  • Basic laboratory services
    • Rapid tests for malaria, blood tests including for blood sugar levels, etc.
  • Pharmacy services
    • Provision of medicine available to the UNHCR’s Essential Medicines and Medical Supplies List
  • Psychiatric treatment for persons with mental illness
  • Medical services for SGBV survivors
  • HIV/AIDs and tuberculosis services
    • Testing, treatment and counselling

In addition, the two health centers provide comprehensive maternity services and both centers have maternity wards. The general hospital provides full in-patient services, has a surgery theatre and imaging services (ultrasound and x-ray).

NameAlso known asTypeAgencyLocationOpening hours
Ammusait General HospitalClinic 7HospitalIRCKakuma 424 hours
Kaapoka Health CentreMain HospitalHealth centerIRCKakuma 124 hours
Natukubenyo Health CentreKalobeyei Health centreHealth centerKRCSKalobeyei V124 hours
Lochangamor Dispensary/ClinicClinic 4Dispensary/ clinicIRCKakuma 18am – 3pm
Hong-Kong Dispensary/ClinicClinic 2Dispensary/ clinicIRCKakuma 18am – 3pm
Nalemsekon Dispensary/ClinicClinic 5Dispensary/ clinicAICKakuma 28am – 3pm
Nationokor Dispensary/ClinicClinic 6Dispensary/ clinicIRCKakuma 38am – 3pm
Naregae Dispensary/ClinicKalobeyei Village 2 ClinicDispensary/ clinicKRCSKalobeyei V28am – 3pm

Referral Pathway

UNHCR and health partners further have a referral pathway in place and organize visits of specialist medical personnel for patients requiring specialized care. Asylum seekers and refugees who have a condition that require specialized care will be recorded in the referral data base and assisted when specialists come on mission. The majority of non-emergency cases fall into this category.

For a smaller number of cases based on emergency medical need (lifesaving or to prevent permanent disability), UNHCR and health partners can refer individuals for treatment in Lodwar or Nairobi.


Two ambulances cover Kakuma and one Kalobeyei. Please only call the ambulances for life-saving emergencies.

  • Kakuma 1 – 0719105775 (IRC)
  • Kakuma 2, 3, 4 – 0719105549 (IRC)
  • Kalobeyei – 0707173515 (KRCS)

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