Child Protection

UNHCR, alongside its child protection partners, the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) and Terre Des Hommes (TDH), is delivering child protection case management services in both Kakuma and Kalobeyei. Specifically, DRC is responsible for Kakuma refugee camp, while TDH oversees operations in the Kalobeyei settlement scheme. You can report child protection concerns to DRC, TDH or you can contact UNHCR directly.

DRC Hotline:

  • 0800720414 (DRC, Call free line)

DRC Field Offices in Kakuma:

  • Kakuma 1, Z1&2 – Child Protection Field Office, next to UNHCR Field Post 1, opposite NRC field site.
  • Kakuma 1, Z3&4 – Child Protection Field Office, Social Service opposite Don Bosco
  • Kakuma 2&3 – Furaha Center 2 near Greenlight Secondary School
  • Kakuma 3 – Child Protection Field Office at the Reception Center for new arrivals
  • Kakuma 4 – DRC Field Office near UNHCR Field Post 4 in K4Z2B8
  • Kakuma 4 – Furaha Center 4, K4Z2B2.

TDH Hotline:

  • 0800721774 (TDH, Call free line)

TDH Field Offices in Kalobeyei:

  • Village 1- Child Protection Field Office at the Reception Center for new arrivals.
  • Furaha Center 1 at Kalobeyei Village 1 between Neighbourhood 23 & 27.
  • Furaha Center 2 at Kalobeyei Village 2 Neighbourhood 3.
  • Furaha Center 3 at Kalobeyei Village 3 Neighbourhood 33

The child-friendly spaces (the Furaha Centers), managed by DRC and TDH, are open for regular play activities and case management. For information on birth certificates and guardianship or custody applications kindly see Legal Advice and Documentation

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