Birth Certificates for Newborns

Who issues Birth Certificates?

All children born in Kenya, either in the hospital or outside the hospital, are entitled to be issued with a birth certificate by the government.

UNHCR works with the department of Civil Registration and the health partners (MSF, IRC and KRCS) to facilitate the issuance of a birth certificate.

How can one acquire a Birth Certificate?

When a child is born in hospital the hospital must issue a birth notification which will be used to process the birth certificate.

UNHCR encourages all mothers to deliver in hospital. However, when the child is delivered at home in the camp or outside the hospital, the Civil Registrar working with DRS and UNHCR will facilitate the issuance of a birth certificate. The applicant attaches a copy of the clinic card(ANC booklet), copy of the parents ID or Proof of Registration and  submits them to the Civil Registrar who will issue a birth notification to be used to process the birth certificate. Once a birth certificate is issued, the Civil Registrar office submits the certificate to UNHCR for distribution in the camp.

What happens if my birth certificate is lost/burned/mutilated/defaced etc?

First, report this to the nearest police station and obtain a Police Abstract. Thereafter, inform DRS  or UNHCR who will liaise with the Civil Registration to facilitate the issuance of a new document.

Where to Report Incidents?

You can report  incidents at UNHCR ,DRS  and the NRC Offices in the camps, or call for assistance through UNHCR helpline: 0715693578


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