Work permits

Class M work permits can be issued by the Department of Immigration to recognised refugees and are processed for free. UNHCR and RCK can assist you to fill a form for your application/apply via the online platform. You will need to provide the following:

  • A letter from your intended employer or, if private business, the certificate of incorporation
  • 2 coloured passport photos
  • Refugee ID card
  • Letter from RAS

Registering a Business

If you would like to register your business, please contact UNHCR, Refugee Consortium Kenya (RCK) and Norwegian Refugee Council Information, Counselling and Legal Assistance project (NRC-ICLA). Please provide the following:

  • 3 suggested names for the business name search
  • A copy of your refugee ID and KRA Pin
  • 3 passport sized photos
  • Nature of the company‚Äôs businesses
  • Directors and members
  • Location of the company
  • Contact information

The UNHCR Legal Unit will provide you information on the drafting of memorandums and the roles and responsibilities of directors and on how to obtain Kenya Revenue Authority PIN Certificates.

Registering a Community-Based Organization (CBO) or Self-Help Group (SHG)

The registration of CBOs and SHGs is done by the Social Development Officer in Lodwar. Please reach out to UNHCR for more information and assistance with the registration.

Business Permits/ Licenses

The issuance of business permits and licenses is done by the county revenue authorities. You will need a business registration certificate and the amount charged shall depend on the nature and size of your business. Upon paying you shall be issued with a certificate as proof. 

  • Health permits for food service establishments (fees applicable)
    • Business registration certificate
    • Inspection of business premises (fit for purpose and hygiene facilities)
    • Workers to have health clearance certificate to work in food service industry
  • Small business permits (fees are applicable)
    • Proof of business ownership (registration document)
    • Business registration certificate
    • Location and nature of business
    • Permits fees depends on the scale of the business
    • Permits are renewed annually

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