Education and Immigration Opportunities Abroad

UNHCR is working to help refugees in Kakuma access complementary pathways for admission to third countries, such as sponsorship, family reunification, and education opportunities including scholarships.

Complementary pathways are safe and regulated avenues for refugees that complement resettlement by providing a lawful stay in a third country where their international protection needs are met. Complementary Pathways for Admission are additional to resettlement.

Family Reunification

If you think you might be eligible for family reunification with a relative in a third country, please have your relative or sponsor in the third country initiate the process by approaching the authorities in their country. UNHCR is not in a position to initiate this process but can provide support, for example, when requested by authorities of the third country.

Education and Scholarship Opportunities Abroad

Regarding education opportunities and scholarships in Kakuma, information is announced in the camps by the academic institution, UNHCR, education partners, and through schools, using various channels including flyers and social media. You can also find information on scholarships offered to refugees at:

Some scholarship opportunities abroad are announced each year in Kakuma and Kalobeyei. Information for application is disseminated in the camp through schools, posted flyers and various social media including the WhatsApp communication tree, done with the support of the education/scholarship provider, Education partners and UNHCR. Eligibility requirements differ between scholarship programs, such as the legal status, where some programs only accept recognized refugees, while other programs are also open to asylum seekers. Most programs require a good level of the language of instruction, although standardized language testing result is typically not mandatory. Education/scholarship providers often conduct interviews, in-person or virtual, where they holistically assess candidates’ abilities.

Please ensure that data about your family, your education and your skills are updated with UNHCR so that you can be considered when opportunities arise. You can do so by visiting the UNHCR Field Posts (currently closed due to COVID-19, please check here for information on re-opening).

If you require any assistance or have any questions on complementary pathways, please write to us at [email protected].

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