If you are in Kakuma or Kalobeyei and you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, please call the hotlines below to receive advice on the next steps:

  • International Rescue Committee (IRC): 0724 302 996/ 0722576771
  • Kenyan Red Cross Society (KRCS):0706173705
  • Africa Inland Church Health Ministries (AICHM): 0759979758 / 0745330015
  • Ministry of Health (Turkana): 0758722023
  • Ministry of Health: 0800721316 (toll-free); 0732353535; or 0748592558 for guidance

Currently, two quarantine centers are run at the reception centers in Kakuma and Kalobeyei, while the General Hospital in Kakuma 4 and the Health Center in Kalobeyei Village 1 have isolation facilities. Please contact your health provider if you are coming from outside of Kakuma and Kalobeyei either as a new arrival or relocating or you know someone who has just arrived in Kakuma or Kalobeyei as you will have to quarantine for 14 days.

Who should be in quarantine?

  • All newly arrived asylum seekers coming from another country
  • Any refugee or asylum seeker who recently travelled from other parts of Kenya to Kakuma and Kalobeyei
  • Anyone who has been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for the Corona virus (COVID-19)
  • Anyone who is exhibiting flu-like symptoms

What happens in quarantine?

  • Once at the quarantine facility, your personal information will be collected – including name, age, nationality, travel history, close contacts and address.
  • You will receive personal items that you will require during your stay including: a mug, spoon and plate, mosquito net, mattress, sleeping mat and blankets. You will also be provided a place to sleep.
  • Health workers will monitor your vitals including temperatures and provide treatment as appropriate.
  • You will be served three hot meals a day.
  • Expectant women will continue to receive prenatal care. Immunization services are also available for young children.
  • A psychosocial counsellor will ensure your wellness and help you manage your stress and anxiety.
  • After completing the 14-day quarantine and registering a negative test result, all new arrivals will undergo the registration process, be issued with a ration card and Bamba Chakula, and allocated a shelter before relocating to the community.
  • Members of the community will be discharged back to the community after completing 14 days of isolation and registering a negative test.

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