Refugee Status Determination (RSD)

In June 2020, UNHCR resumed interviews from remote for RSD. More information can be found below.

When are RSD appointments expected to be rescheduled?

UNHCR has started conducting RSD interviews remotely in order to be able to continue serving our asylum-seeker population.

Applicants will first be contacted via phone and given two choices:

  1. Conduct their interviews remotely (video/audio calls)
    1. Applicants will be informed of their remote interview appointments along with a detailed explanation on how the interview will take place.
    2. The remote RSD appointments will be available on the RSD Website.
    3. Applicants can verify the remote RSD interview appointments by calling the Infoline.
    4. UNHCR will assure safe, confidential and appropriate conditions for an interview.
  2. Have face-to-face interview later in the Office when office activities resume
    1. Applicants will be informed of the new appointment date at a later stage.
    2. This will not negatively impact their case/process

In order to ensure smooth and safe processing, UNHCR Egypt informs asylum-seekers that all services provided by UNHCR are free of charge. If anyone is requested to pay money for Registration, RSD, resettlement and/or assistance, UNHCR should be notified immediately.

UNHCR Egypt will continue to provide regular updates about the Office activities through the remote discussions with communities and through social media.

How should applicants go about submitting appeals if their deadline falls during restrictions on UNHCR's operations?

Appeal and reopening requests can be submitted via e-mail to [email protected] since the receipt of appeal and reopening requests at UNHCR Main Building is currently suspended. For those who will not be able to do so, UNHCR will adopt a flexible approach regarding the 30-day appeal deadline, once UNHCR will return to routine working hours.