All services provided by UNHCR and its partners are free of charge!

I am ill and need health care. Where can I get it?

The Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population (MOHP) is granting access to refugees and asylum-seekers to all health services provided in its facilities on par with Egyptian citizens. It means that for most conditions you can go to a public primary health care facility and receive care there for free or at an affordable cost.

I am in need of preventative health services like vaccinations for my children or a check-up of my pregnancy. Where can I go?

Such services are provided for free of charge or at affordable cost in public primary health care facilities for Egyptian citizens as well as for refugees and asylum-seekers.

In case of a medical emergency – what should I do?

Public hospitals provide basic life-saving emergency health services to Egyptians as well as refugees and asylum-seekers for free or at affordable cost. However, for advanced interventions or hospital admissions exceeding 24 hours, the hospital will require payment from Egyptians and non-Egyptians alike. To get ambulance transport to the nearest MOHP hospital, call phone number 123. The MOHP provides further advice and support for persons with critical health needs through phone number 16474.

I have a chronic condition, but I can’t get help at the public primary health care facility or I can’t afford the medicines. What can I do?

UNHCR health care partner Caritas has clinics in Alexandria, Damietta, Marsa Matruh, Greater Cairo, and Aswan. In these clinics, you can get free consultations, prescriptions for subsidized medicines, and referrals to subsidized diagnostic investigations. (See contact details below.)

I am pregnant and in need of specialist check-ups due to health risks for me and/or my baby. Where should I go?

UNHCR health care partners Caritas and Refuge Egypt provide free health services for women with complicated or high-risk pregnancies. (See contact details below).

I am pregnant and can’t afford delivering my baby in a hospital. What can I do?

UNHCR health care partner Caritas provides cash-support for any refugee or asylum-seeking woman delivering in a MOHP hospital. Contact a Caritas clinic to know more. (See contact details below).

I need hospital care but cannot afford it. What should I do?

  • UNHCR partner Save the Children pays for hospital care for persons with serious medical conditions.
  • In case of emergencies please call the Save the Children hotline: 012 80770146, 012 8076 9456 or 010 6483 3320
  • If no emergency, you first need to be seen and referred by a physician in a Caritas (See contact details below).

I am in need of health services related to HIV and/or TB-infection. Where can I get it?

  • MOHP provides treatment for HIV and TB for free to refugees and asylum-seekers in specialized hospitals. For further information you can call the HIV hotline: 01100666471
  • UNHCR partner Refuge Egypt provides additional related services such as testing and counselling and treatment of opportunistic infections. (See contact details below).

Do I need to be registered with UNHCR to access health services?

  • Public health facilities such as MOHP Primary healthcare facilities do not check UNHCR cards to offer primary health care services and the same applies to emergency room services in MOHP
  • However, to access the above-described health services provided by UNHCR partners (Caritas, Save the Children and Refuge-Egypt) you need to be registered with UNHCR.

Will I still be able to access UNHCR services if my UNHCR card has expired or I have lost it?

  • You shall always contact UNHCR and book an appointment if you realize that your asylum seeker or refugee card or your asylum certificate has expired.
  • You will still be able to receive services through UNHCR implementing healthcare partners (Caritas, Refuge Egypt and Save the Children)
  • If you are not a holder of any of these cards, valid or expired, or your case has been closed, you will not be able to access the above-described services through UNHCR implementing partners.



Caritas Clinics in Cairo:

  • Garden City

Address: 8 Dr Ibrahim Badran St., behind Four Seasons Hotel

Phone numbers: 02 2794 9203 / 02 2796 1771 / 02 2796 1441

  •        Nasr City

Address: 15 Mohamed Youssef Moussa St., parallel to Moustafa El Nahas St.
Phone numbers: 02 2386 7366 / 02 2386 7367 / 0223867378 / 011 2988 0884

  •    6 October

Address: Block 48/8, 8th District, 2nd proximity

Phone numbers: 02 3889 7129 / 011 2988 4420


Caritas clinic in Aswan:

Address: Al Sadat St., behind Al-Mokawolon El Arab Garage, Alta Ameen buildings

Phone number: 01155571760

Caritas clinics at North Coast:


  •           Raml Clinic

Address: 10, Mohamed Tlaat Noaman St, El-Raml Station

Phone numbers: 01120077088 / 01207726477

  • Agamy Clinic

Address: Kilo 21, beside Mabaret El Asafra West

Phone number: 01207726577



Address: 81/21 Building, First District, First neighbourhood, next to El-Rashedy Mosque

Phone numbers: 01207937255 / 01122000782



Address: Emam Mohamed Abdu St., of Suez Channel St., beside Jadela Gas Station

Phone number: 01010280088


Marsa Matruh

Address: Aser El Islam Medical Centre located in Al-Sanawya Street (known by Tahrib St.) beside Dafrawi Mosque

Phone number: 01000197739


Refuge Egypt (only in Cairo)

  •  Zamalek

Address: 5 Michel Lotfallah St., (behind Marriott Hotel)

Phone number: 012 7204 0710

  • Nasr City

Address: Building ”Maktab El Tamween”, Street Market, 10th District

Phone number: 012 1197 0028

  • 6 October

Address: 48 El Mehwar El Markazi St., Episcopal Church, 10th District

Phone number: 012 1197 0037