Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

UNHCR and all its partners have ZERO TOLERANCE for any sexual exploitation or abuse of refugees by our staff. All assistance provided by UNHCR is free of charge. Aid should never be given in exchange for sexual, financial, social or political gain.

What is sexual exploitation and sexual abuse?

  • Sexual exploitation is exchanging money, shelter, food or other goods for sex or sexual favours from someone in a vulnerable position.

Example: A humanitarian worker who promises resettlement to a refugee woman in exchange for a sexual relationship is engaging in sexual exploitation. This is prohibited.

  • Sexual abuse is threatening or forcing someone to have sex or provide sexual favours under unequal or forced conditions.

Example: A humanitarian worker who engages in any sexual activity with a child (under 18) is committing sexual abuse. This is prohibited.

How to report sexual exploitation and abuse?

  • If you have experienced any form of sexual exploitation or abuse by a humanitarian worker (UNHCR staff or persons/entities with contractual arrangements with UNHCR) or you know that this is happening, you can report it and receive support.

1- To UNHCR Headquarters:

Send an email to: [email protected]; [email protected] and/or visit the website:

2- To UNHCR Egypt Office:

  • Complaint boxes in all UNHCR offices
  • By email: [email protected]
  • By post to: UNHCR Egypt Representative, UNHCR, 17 Mekka El Mokarrama St. 7th District, 3rd Division, 6th of October City.
  • All reports are treated confidentially, and your consent will be sought before any type of investigation. If you feel threatened by the perpetrator, safety services can be provided. You can also have access to any needed GBV response services (such as medical and psychosocial support).

What are the available services?

For emergency support in response to a GBV incident (including one perpetrated by a humanitarian worker), you can contact:

    • CARE: provides emergency response to GBV survivors, including if you are facing immediate safety risks from a perpetrator.
      • CARE Emergency Hotline: 010 280 62178 (after working hours);01028859777/ 01028859666 / 01120486354 (during working hours).
    • Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)provides emergency medical care for GBV survivors who have experienced a rape incident. MSF is on call 24/7 – you must call first before approaching their clinic.
      • MSF Hotline:01117083502 (24/7)

For other GBV response service support: [email protected]