Child Protection

I am an unaccompanied child or separated child with a protection concern/ I am a child facing abuse, neglect, violence or exploitation, who should I contact?

You can directly reach out to the Child Protection unit through the functional email ([email protected])
Contact the UNHCR hotline: 0227390400
Working hours:

Sunday to Wednesday: 08:15– 15:00
Thursday 08:15– 12:00

I am an unaccompanied or separated child. What services are available to help me?

UNHCR works with several organizations to provide support and services to unaccompanied and separated children. This includes help from an individual case worker to support you with your health, education, housing, and other needs.
You can find all the details in this flyer: Arabic | English | Tigrinya

How can eligible unaccompanied and separated children receive their financial assistance?

  • Eligible UASC aged 16 and 17 years old will receive their monthly financial assistance through the Post Office. SMS messages will be sent to each child individually, with the collection period. Children collect their FA using their original UNHCR Card.  The Post Office’s working hours are from 8:00am – 3:00pm, Sunday to Thursday. The children can approach any Post Office in their area.
  • Eligible UASC aged 15 and younger will continue to receive cash over the counter at Caritas and will receive an SMS notifying them of their appointment date.

If you face any challenges collecting the assistance, contact your caseworker or [email protected]