Complaint procedures are in place to allow refugees and asylum-seekers to report serious misconduct by UNHCR staff, interpreters, security guards or to report procedural unfairness (including the quality/availability of interpreters, access to UNHCR premises or staff, procedures for registration, RSD and other protection services) in UNHCR’s protection and assistance provision.

There is a complaint form available at all UNHCR offices if you wish to use it.

At the very least, the complaint should contain the following information: name and contact information of the person filing the complaint, date of the complaint and general nature of the complaint.

Write your name and phone number on the complaint form. Anonymous complaints will not be investigated.

Put the name, function or detailed description of the staff member, interpreter, guard or partner staff against whom the complaint is filed.

Queries or appeals for RSD or resettlement cannot be addressed through the complaints process. Applicants should follow the proper channels and/or websites.

UNHCR is committed to adhering to values of confidentiality and transparency in the complaint investigation process.

How to File a Complaint:

  • Place your complaint in a sealed envelope then drop the envelope in the complaints box located at the UNHCR office.
  • By post to: UNHCR Egypt Representative, UNHCR, 17 Mekka El Mokarrama St. 7th District, 3rd Division, 6th October City. Complaint letters should be marked “Confidential”.
  • By email to [email protected] and it will be forwarded to UNHCR Egypt Representative.