Voluntary Repatriation

All services provided by UNHCR and its partners are free of charge!

Many asylum seekers and refugees wish to return to their homeland as soon as they no longer fear persecution and their countries and area of origin are safe to return to. In principle, voluntary repatriation from Egypt is possible at any time, if the conditions in the country of origin are found to be safe and conducive for return. Voluntary repatriation should always happen in safety and dignity and be based on an informed decision – UNHCR will provide you with the information on the conditions in your country.

If you consider returning to your home country, please contact UNHCR via Helpline.

UNHCR Egypt, could assist you with the following:

  • Pre-departure: Making sure that your return takes place in conditions of safety, dignity and security and help you plan your return journey. UNHCR may be able to provide information on the conditions in your country to help you make an informed decision.
  • Transport costs: UNHCR Egypt will book the flight tickets for you and will provide you with cash assistance to cover for basic expenses and travel inside your country of origin.