Latest Announcements

Extension of temporary protection

The Ministry of Migration and Asylum has issued decision to extend the temporary protection for refugees from Ukraine for another 6 months, until the 4th of March 2024. 

LinkedIn Coaches Webinar

LinkedIn is excited to announce their upcoming LinkedIn Coaches Webinar on September 8th at 12pm GMT+1. This webinar is the 3rd in the series of webinars they’ve been running, designed specifically for individuals who are actively seeking employment or aiming to enhance their professional online presence. 

The LinkedIn expert Valeriia Gorlushko will delve into topics such as Transferable Skills, LinkedIn Learning and Interview Skills; also Vijay Badarla who will share his inspiring journey of securing a job at Microsoft. Following the presentations, 15 minutes will be dedicated to a Q&A session with one of the Senior Recruiters in LinkedIn Julia Power where you can pose any inquiries you may have. 

To accommodate a wider audience, this webinar will be presented in Ukrainian and English. As an added bonus, all attendees will receive a free 12-month LinkedIn Premium subscription. By registering* for this webinar, you are also agreeing to be contacted by LinkedIn again to facilitate post-event communications. *Please note that everyone registered will receive the recording of the webinar, but only those who attend the webinar will receive a complimentary premium license.

Please register via the Zoom link: 

Wildfires in the region of Evros

Kindly note that following the destructive wildfires in the region of Evros which led to the death of people, the Ministry of Migration and Asylum issued an announcement on 24 August 2023 to channel potential requests by relatives and families looking for their missing family members and friends to the responsible authorities involved in the identification of the dead and missing persons.

In particular,  all requests and queries can be addressed to the Disaster Victim Identification Unit of the Hellenic Police  as follows:

  • Call center: +302131386000. The call center will be open from Friday 25 August 2023 from 09.00 to 17.00 (UTC+3) on a daily basis and will support the following languages: English, Arabic, Pashto, Turkish and Urdu.
  • On WhatsApp 00306944471742 and email  dvi@astynomia.GR interested parties will be able to send any document concerning missing persons.

The announcement of the Ministry can be found here:

10-year residence permit for unaccompanied children

The Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Migration and Asylum have introduced an opportunity for you to obtain a 10-year residence permit, only if you are a third-country national or a stateless person who arrived in Greece as an unaccompanied child and if you have successfully completed at least three grades of secondary education at a Greek school before turning 23.

Here’s what you need to know:

To apply for this special residence permit, you’ll need a few essential documents.

  • Document issued by the state authorities showing that the beneficiary entered Greece as unaccompanied minor. This document must be issued by: the Asylum Service or Reception and Identification Service, or General Secretariat for Vulnerable Persons and Institutional Protection of the Ministry of Migration and Asylum, or the Hellenic Police,
  • A declaration by the person that he/she has stayed in the country for a period of more than two (2) consecutive years without interruptions.
  • Evidence of successful completion of at least three (3) grades of secondary education at a Greek school in Greece before reaching the age of twenty-third (23).

Fraud Alert

Asylum-seekers and refugees have reported receiving this invitation to participate to a questionnaire by somebody using UNHCR name and its logo:

❌ This is a FRAUD and is not associated with UNHCR

The official communication channels of UNHCR Greece are the following:


• UNHCR phone number (216 200 7800)✅

• UNHCR email ([email protected]).✅

• UNHCR Facebook Info Point:✅

❌ Please remember that all UNHCR services and activities are free of charge. At no point will you be asked to pay for any of the services provided by UNHCR or any of its partners. Do not believe anyone who tells you that they can help you with registration, resettlement or other services if you pay.

Refugee Women Academy

Join the Refugee Women Academy and have an opportunity to work in the tourism sector!

  • Greek classes
  • Vocational training
  • Employability matching with relevant Job Opportunities

Duration: Two months

Location: Athens


Deadline: 15th of September 

Heatwave guidelines

Action by the Municipality of Athens to Protect Persons from Extreme Weather

The Street work teams of The Reception and Solidarity Centre of the Municipality of Athens (KYADA), which is made up of social workers, nurses and psychologists, is supporting the homeless by offering bottles of water, full meals and basic necessities. 

Seven specially configured air-conditioned spaces for the accommodation and protection of vulnerable groups from extreme weather phenomena (very high temperatures – heat) have been put into operation as declared by the Municipality of Athens from Tuesday, July 11. 

The air-conditioned areas, which will operate from 08.00 am to 08.00 pm, are as follows:

  • Friendship Club of Saint Paul, Mamouris and Dymis – Contact phone: 2108223946
  • Friendship Club “The Ascension of the Lord” New World, Heldreich 15 – Contact phone: 2109240403
  • Botanical Friendship Club, Kozani 4 – Contact phone: 2103423716
  • Kolokynthos Friendship Club, Aimonos 9 & Astros – Contact phone number: 2105140877 
  • Friendship Club of Agios Eleftherios, Acharnon 372 – Contact phone: 2102012334
  • Kypseli Friendship Club of Skyros & Caucasus – Contact phone: 2108815877
  • Friendship Club of Ampelokipi, Panormou & Vatheos – Contact phone: 210 6459890

Homeless persons should contact the Friendship Club they are interested in directly, or the 24-hour Citizen Service Line 1595 , or the call center  2105277000. 

To report about any person who is exposed to the heat and needs support, please contact the KYADA helplines 2105246515-2105246516 (daily 09:00 – 15:00) 

The “Scheduling a registration appointment for subsequent application” platform of the Asylum Service is on

As of Monday 22/8, the production run of the “Scheduling a registration appointment for subsequent application” platform shall be implemented, which is addressed to asylum seekers whose initial application has been finally rejected. In fact, the platform is addressed to those Third Country Nationals (TCNs) who wish to submit a new claim for international protection in our country, after their initial application has been definitively rejected.

The platform is developed and available in: English, Albanian (Sqip), Arabic, Bengali, Dari, Farsi, Georgian, Kurmanji, Pashto, Turkish, Urdu, with the possibility of expanding to more languages, if the need arises in the future.

The platform can be accessed through the following link:

In order to properly apply the scheduling and to facilitate your assistance, please arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled registration appointment, holding all of your identification documents. With the start of functioning of the above procedure, the Skype app that was previously in force for booking registration appointments will be deactivated.

Finally, we remind you that, for all interested persons who have never visited the Asylum Service Offices and have never submitted an application for international protection up to now, it is now possible to get registered at the following points: Malakasa Camp and Diavata Camp, following the procedure “Scheduling an initial registration appointment” described in the platform, which you can also access through the above-mentioned link ( ).



Have you received the below invitation on Telegram lately?

Take a closer look please. If you have, please be aware that it is A FRAUD. If you haven’t, please be careful if you ever receive one.

Asylum-seekers and refugees have reported receiving this invitation to join a Telegram channel acting as UNHCR and using its logo.

This is a FRAUD and is not associated with UNHCR.

The official communication channels of UNHCR Greece are the following:

All UNHCR services and activities are free of charge. At no point will you be asked to pay for any of the services provided by UNHCR or any of its partners. Please do not believe anyone who tells you that they can help you with registration, resettlement or other services if you pay.

Fake Skype Accounts


  • We are aware that fake SKYPE accounts are being used to mislead asylum-seekers into thinking that they are contacting the Greek Asylum Office. Access to all asylum services, including SKYPE, are completely FREE of charge. Official staff of the Asylum Office do NOT request an exchange of services or money for these appointments. If you have been a victim of this scam, we encourage you to file a complaint with the local police authority.

Warning: Skype Fraud to Make an Appointment with the Greek Asylum Office