Mini Lexicon for Basic Communication (Dictionary)

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This lexicon has been made for you It is aimed at assisting refugees and migrants who are in Greece. Please keep it with you. You may use it to facilitate your communication with Greek people who are in contact with you, in order to request general information , as well as information on matters related to living conditions, food, health and protection. Special chapters are included for women and unaccompanied children.

The present edition of the mini lexicon introduces new vocabulary in relation to public services, education, lifestyle and culture in Greece, which will help with your access to services and your integration in the social environment.

(PDF files): Arabic / Greek  |  Farsi / Greek  |  French / Greek  |  Kurmanji / Greek  |  Sorani / Greek  |  Turkish / Greek  |  Urdu / Greek Ukrainian / Greek

Please take a few minutes to let us know about your experience in using the Mini Lexicon hereWe would like to hear back from you on how the Mini Lexicon can be further improved.