Reporting fraud by non-UNHCR/non-UNHCR Partner staff

Please note that ALL services provided by UNHCR are provided for FREE

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What is fraud?

UNHCR defines fraud as any act or omission that knowingly or intentionally misleads, or attempts to mislead, a party to obtain a benefit.

All UNHCR services and activities are free of charge! At no point will you be asked to pay for any of the services provided by UNHCR or any of its Partners. Please do not believe anyone who tells you that they can help you with registration, resettlement or other services if you pay. Such offers may be made to you in person or via social media, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram etc.

If money or any other form of favours is requested from you in exchange of UNHCR services, please report it to UNHCR and/or the nearest police station immediately.

How do I complain about fraud committed by non-UNHCR/ non-UNHCR Partner staff?

  • Speak to a UNHCR staff members at your location, if available;
  • Report it to the police;
  • Report it to UNHCR Greece at [email protected].

For genuine information about UNHCR’s work and services, please consult UNHCR Greece’s official HELP website.