Experiencing Violence? Need help?

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Do you feel at risk in the place you are staying, on the street, in the camp, in an apartment? Is someone trying to harm you or has harmed you already?

If you answered yes to one of these questions, you may be experiencing some form of violence.

It might come from a spouse, a relative of yours, from someone you do not know personally or from someone in power.

If you have experienced sexual violence, please visit a hospital as soon as possible to make sure you get the medical support you might need. Once at the hospital, inform the Infectious Disease department of the hospital that you have experienced sexual violence, and if needed, get Post-exposure Prophylaxis or PEP treatment and/or emergency contraception (pill form) within 72 hours or 3 days from the incident. PEP is an emergency treatment available to survivors of sexual violence, which helps prevent HIV infection. Emergency contraception is also an emergency treatment available to survivors of sexual violence that can be used to prevent pregnancy. PeP and emergency contraception (pill form) should be made available to all survivors of sexual violence, whether you have health insurance or not.

If you have experienced violence and need help or someone to speak to and you are living in Athens, Thessaloniki, and Lesvos, you can contact

  1. Diotima

Diotima Centre for Gender Rights and Equality works through a human rights-based – and survivor- centered, holistic and participatory approach in order to provide:

a) GBV Prevention Services through Community Empowerment and Liaison activities in Athens, Thessaloniki, Lesvos and Chios. 

b) GBV Response through the provision of GBV case management services to address the needs of GBV survivors (women, men, and LGBTQI+ individuals) and enhance rehabilitation prospects, in Athens, Thessaloniki and Lesvos.

c)  GBV Response through the provision of free legal aid services to address needs for legal counselling and representation for a growing number of GBV survivors ( women, men, and LGBTQI+ individuals) in Athens, Thessaloniki, Lesvos, Samos, Chios Kos and Leros.

You can find their Help Desk on Facebook with the name @DiotimaHelpdesk or call them at the following numbers:


telephone: 2108816405

Languages Available (WhatsApp/Viber)

Farsi: 6988587846

French & English: 6988587809

Arabic: 6988528460

email: [email protected] (for psychosocial support)

           [email protected] (for legal aid) 


Working hours: 09.00-17.00

telephone: 2310534445

 Languages Available (WhatsApp/Viber)

Farsi/English: 6975872416

email: [email protected]


Working hours: 09.30-17.30

telephone: 22510 24730

Languages Available (WhatsApp/Viber)

French: 6982042483

Farsi: 6982042485

email: [email protected]

 Samos, Chios, Kos, Leros

[email protected]

(for legal aid)

tel. 210 3244380

2. LGBTQI+ support hotline

Information about support available for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTIQ+) persons in Greece.

Phone number: 11528

Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 13:00 – 21:00

Languages: English, Greek

French is available on request, some other languages can sometimes be arranged for a follow-up call via Skype. Requests for these Skype calls can be made by email.

3. General Secretariat for Gender Equality

The General Secretariat for Demography and Family Policy and Gender Equality (GSDFPGE) is the governmental agency competent to plan and monitor the implementation of policies, as well as to implement policies, on equality between women and men in all sectors.

The GSDFPGE also implements co-financed Programmes and Actions through the Coordination, Managing and Implementation Authority for co-funded actions of the Ministry of Interior

Phone number: 15900 24/7


Email: [email protected]

Languages: English, Greek, Ukrainian and Russian

If you are living in a camp, you can speak to the person in charge of the camp or to a doctor or a nurse from the medical actors working in the camp.

If you are living somewhere else and you do not know who to address, you can call the SOS Helpline of the General Secretariat of Family Planning and Gender Equality at 15900.

If you are under 18 and you need help or someone to speak to, you can call the organisation ‘Smile of a Child’ at 1056.