How do I apply for asylum?

If you arrived in Greece before the 20th March 2016

Q1. I was pre-registered with the Greek Asylum Service, when will my application be fully registered?

A1. All persons who are pre-registered are directly given the date and place of their full registration appointment. You can also find detailed information about the appointments for full registration, transportation and procedural issues by clicking here.

Q2. I am not pre-registered with the Greek Asylum Service, how can I apply for asylum?

A2. If you arrived in Greece before the 20 March, you are not pre-registered by the Greek Asylum Service and you want to apply for asylum, you can apply by contacting the Asylum Service via Skype. See the schedule of the Asylum Service for booking an appointment in different languages.

If you are interested, you can get more information about the asylum process from the Asylum Service either by calling this number where you can find information in 10 languages: (0030) 210 69 88 660 or visit the website of the Greek Asylum Service, where you can find information in several languages.

If you arrived in Greece after the 20th March 2016

Q3. How can I apply for asylum in the Reception and Identification Centre or before the Police?

A3: You can express your intention to apply for asylum before the Police and/or Reception and Identification Service authorities. The asylum procedure starts with your declaration. Your request will be immediately referred to the Asylum Office and you will be invited at a later stage by the Asylum Office to register your application in person.

Click here to download the Asylum Service Application (Android)

Audiovisual information material on the Asylum Procedure