Marriage and divorce

There is no designated Assistant Registrar of Marriages in Kakuma. Couples wanting to have their marriage registered can do so in Lodwar or in a church where the pastor has a license to officiate marriages.

To register your marriage with the Registrar of Marriages in Lodwar, you will need to fill out several forms for the Registrar and provide the below documents:

  • Valid Alien card/Refugee ID or a waiting slip –Refugee applicants who do not possess these documents must first obtain clearance from the Embassies of their respective countries (Kenyans require a valid National ID Card; however, due to their refugee status it is advised to obtain a Refugee ID Card/waiting slip and not to approach their Embassies)
  • Two coloured passport photo size of each party
  • Both will have to swear that they have never been married before
  • Two witnesses
  • Fees:
    • Ksh. 600 for Notice of Marriage – placed on Notice Board for at least 21 days
    • Ksh. 600 for Registrar’s Certificate – If no objection is raised against the proposed marriage by third parties 
    • Ksh. 200 for Affidavit of Marriage – for each party to declare that they have are not presently in a marriage with any other person
    • Ksh. 2000 for solemnization of the marriage
    • Ksh. 500 – for marriage certificate
    • Ksh. 16500 per couple where they intend to have the Registrar of Marriages leave the duty station

The marriage registration process takes at least 90 days.

Divorce Certificates

If you and your spouse are Muslims, you can approach the Kadhi Court in Kakuma, where you will be advised about divorce procedures.

If you had a civil or Christian marriage in Kenya, you can approach the Principal Magistrate’s Court where you will be advised about the relevant court for filing, whether at the High Court in Lodwar or the Magistrate’s Court in Kakuma.

Please seek legal advice because divorce proceedings are often complex. You can also approach RCK for legal advice.

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