How can I claim asylum? – Step by step

In order to apply for asylum in Brazil, an individual needs to be in the Brazilian territory. At any moment after arrival in Brazil, a foreigner who considers him or herself a victim of persecution in his/her country of origin (if you have doubts, access here the Law 9.474, which defines the implementation of the Refugee Statute in the country) ought to look for a Federal Police Station or migratory authority at the border. A foreigner who seeks asylum cannot be deported to a territory where his/her life and freedom are or could be at risk. Besides that, every person has the right to be accompanied by a lawyer free of charge, from the Federal Public Defender’s Office or from UNHCR civil society partner’s organizations, to follow all the procedures of the request for refuge (it is not necessary, but you can count on a lawyer if you want to).

ATTENTION: The asylum claim is totally free and can be done directly by the asylum seeker. The presence of a lawyer is not mandatory.

The procedures are different if you are in Roraima and other states of Brazil. Find below the options in each case.