Learn more about some of the challenges and risks you may face if you decide to continue your journey to other countries in the region

1) Human smuggling and trafficking

Traffickers often lie about travel conditions, the destination country, documentation, among other things.

Along the route, you can find people offering employment or other opportunities that may seem interesting. These can be a deception in order to traffic people and exploit them sexually or for labor.

2) Sexual violence and abuse

Women, children and LGBTQIA+ people may be at greater risk of suffering sexual violence. If you are a survivor of this type of violence, get information at the nearest health center to your route, as you will need care within 72 hours after the incident.

ATTENTION: No one can ask for sexual favors in exchange for access to services.

3) Exploitation and fraud

If you get asked for money or favors of any kind in exchange for information, access to documents or services, say NO!

All services provided by humanitarian organizations are free and no one can charge you for providing information or humanitarian assistance.

4) Family separation

Avoid leaving children, teenagers and people who need assistance alone or in the care of strangers. In case of separation, establish a meeting point and ensure that each member of your family has information about personal data, documents and possible contact numbers.

5) Darién jungle

The journey through the Darien jungle can put you and your family’s life at risk! You are exposed to:

  • Temperatures up to 35º C.
  • Physical or sexual violence.
  • Family separation and disappearance.
  • Extortion.
  • Theft.
  • Human trafficking, including sexual and labor exploitation.
  • Physical wear due to long and dangerous journeys through the forest.
  • Accidents due to terrain conditions.
  • Bites or attacks by wild animals.
  • Risk of drowning in the river rapids.

Pay attention to the political and social situation of each country on your journey

Protect your documentation

Always try to carry your personal documents and those of children, adolescents and other dependents with you. If you can, take an extra copy in another part of your luggage.

Remain attentive for new updates and government measures

If you suffer any arrest or hardship, you have the right to an attorney.

Avoid traveling through conflict zones.

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