The decision

Here you will find information about the decision on your asylum claim.

If you prefer, watch the video about CONARE’s decision:


What happens if CONARE recognizes my refugee status?

If your refugee claim is accepted by CONARE, you will have the right to remain in Brazil as a refugee.

You will receive the National Migratory Registration card (Carteira de Registro Nacional Migratório, former known as Registro Nacional de Estrangeiros – RNE). The identity card of foreigners in Brazil is free and valid for 5 years. Furthermore, refugees have the right to a permanent Work Permit (CTPS) and are entitled to the same rights as any other foreigner in a regular situation in Brazil. Please read more about these documents here.

Attention: a refugee recognized as such by CONARE (Brazil) will only be considered a refugee within the Brazilian territory. Other countries are not obliged to recognize as a refugee a person who already receives international protection somewhere else. Therefore, if you have been recognized as a refugee in Brazil and wish to travel to another country, you must request authorization from CONARE and you will be treated according to the immigration law of the country where you travel to.

To find out how to issue your National Migration Registration Card (CRNM), click here.

For further information, please visit the Federal Police website or search for one of UNHCR’s partner organizations for guidance.

What happens if CONARE rejects my refugee status application?

If CONARE rejects your refugee status application, you have the right to challenge the decision and appeal to the Minister of Justice within  15 days counted from the moment you receive an official notification. The appeal must present a reasoning, which means it must indicate and explain in detail the reasons why you do not agree with the decision – as well as whether the problem of the decision has to do with the interpretation of the facts or the application of rules to the case.

If you want to file an appeal, you can have free legal guidance and counselling through a Public Defender’s Office (DPU) or one of UNHCR’s partner organizations.

How to file an appeal (step by step)

  • Step 1: go to a Public Defender’s Office (DPU) and ask for help in filling the petition.
  • Step 2: go to the Federal Police to file your claim. You will receive a new provisional protocol valid for one year (you can renew it as many times as necessary until a final decision on your appeal is reached)
  • Step 3: wait for the final decision

If you receive a  second denial notification, you will not be able to file another appeal. It means that the administrative procedure for asylum is over and that you will be subjected to the Brazilian Migration Law. In this case, you must regularize your stay in the country through another migratory pathway or return voluntarily to your country of origin. If you do not regularize your status, you may be subject to deportation. Seek orientation from the Federal Public Defender’s Office.