Racism and Xenophobia

Racism is a serious crime with strict penalties under Brazilian Law. A person that has been charged with this crime can spend up to five years in prison. The Law Nº. 7.716 describes the following cases of discrimination:

  • Preventing qualified persons to take positions in the public service or in private companies based on discrimination on their race, color or religion
  • Refusing to provide service to people in commercial establishments
  • Prohibiting to enrol children in schools
  • Preventing black people from entering restaurants, bars or public buildings or use public transport

The Brazilian Criminal Code also foresees penalty to people who insult others under racial grounds (Art. 140). A racial insult is defined as an offence to the honor of someone using elements of race, color, ethnicity, religion or country of origin. Racial insult is directed against a specific person, while the crime of racism is directed at a collectivity.

If you eventually become a victim of it, you should immediately report it to the public authorities. There are many ways to do it:

You can read more on the website of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security.