Refugees and Asylum Seekers Duties

  • Comply with all Brazilian laws
  • Respect the people, regardless of age, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, political opinion, ethnicity, skin color, as well as public and private organizations and institutions
  • Renew his/her Identification Document (Provisional Protocol or Carteira/ RNE) at Federal Police stations
  • Inform his/her residence, telephone number and email and keep this information updated at the Federal Police Stations and/or CONARE
  • Stay in the country during the asylum procedure. If you face an emergency and need to leave Brazil during the procedure, you should contact CONARE to explain the situation. Do not leave the country as an asylum seeker without informing CONARE first. If you return to your country of origin, you may lose the refugee status upon return to Brazil. For more information on travel authorization, please check this section