Equal Place: Education Programme

Equal Place is a temporary intervention helping asylum-seekers, refugees and other eligible children in need (5-17 years) who need support to access accredited education. Starting September 2019, this learning will mainly take place online, with opportunities for in-person support. This intervention is a joint effort offered by UNHCR, The UN Refugee Agency, UNICEF and Living Water Community.

You can enroll your child by sending a WhatsApp or text to: +1 (868) 433-1601

How do you enroll in Equal Place?

Please start the enrollment process by filling out the form available here.

Who is Equal Place provided by?

Equal Place is a joint offering from UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, UNICEF and Living Water Community.

If my child is not fluent in English, how will he/she be supported?

Course content will be developed with the understanding that many children will be learners of English. Support will be offered with these needs in mind.

If learning is online, how will my children partake in extracurricular activities?

Learning in spaces will combine academics with engaging extracurricular activities.

What resources will my child be given to help with online study?

Opportunities will be provided for enrolled children to access part-time, face-to-face support in learning centres located in your area. This will be provided at no cost to your child or family. If you are interested in enrolling your child in Equal Place, please do so here.

Who will provide the face-to-face support?

Support will be provided by trained facilitators.

What if I do not have internet access?

We understand that your child may be limited by lack of internet access. Opportunities will be provided for enrolled children to access part-time support in learning centres located in your area. These centres will have WiFi access.

Which is the better online platform for my child?

This a decision you and your child should make based on the criteria listed on this page. Note that all platforms we offer are highly regarded, providing access to an education that will support your child’s growth and development.

Will my child have to take an examination to achieve certification? Where will these exams take place?

External examinations will take place at a physical location which will be communicated at a later date.

Are there any restrictions regarding nationality?

NotesMaster is open to all students (5-17) regardless of origin. Enrollment in Dawere, however, requires a copy of student’s Venezuelan ID, birth certificate, and last certified grade transcript.

I am an adult and want to access Equal Place. Can I do this?

Our priority is to offer eligible children (5-17) access to Equal Place. However, both platforms (NotesMaster and Dawere) are available outside of this particular educational intervention, and you may enroll separately.

What if I want my child to study subjects that are not offered on either platform?

Unfortunately, we cannot facilitate access to other subjects at this time.

Can my child learn with a combination of both platforms?

To support as many children as possible, access will be given to one platform only per child.

Will Trinidad and Tobago nationals be allowed access? Will non-nationals be allowed access if they fall outside the category of asylum-seekers and/or refugees?

Equal Place is a temporary, transitional intervention for eligible children unable to access a traditional education. This intervention will take a phased approach. Priority for September 2019, the intervention’s intended start date, will be given to asylum-seekers, refugees, and non-nationals without access to a traditional education. The intervention’s second phase will extend access to the platforms and/or support to Trinidad and Tobago nationals.

I do not understand the way Trinidad and Tobago’s formal education system is structured. Can you explain to me how it works?

A description of Trinidad and Tobago’s formal education system is provided on this website.