Applying for Asylum

Living Water Community and UNHCR is conducting their pre-registration and registration activities of asylum-seekers remotely. Requests to seek asylum can be made by phone as of 26 May 2020, from 8 A.M until 12 P.M, Monday to Thursday.

Asylum-seekers are persons who seek international protection because they fear returning to their country of origin where they are at risk, and where they do not benefit from the State authorities’ protection.   

How to apply for asylum?

Requests to seek asylum can be made directly to Living Water Community through WhatsApp on +1 (868) 329-0734, between Monday and Thursday from 8 A.M to 1 P.M.

Please note that the following phone numbers for pre-registration at Living Water Community have been discontinued: +1(868) 279-4422, +1(868) 296-4271, +1(868) 281-8737.


UNHCR is currently conducting registration interviews remotely. UNHCR will only contact the most vulnerable persons and will schedule interviews by phone. Only persons with interview appointments will be registered. Interviews will be preferably conducted through a WhatsApp videocall. Persons without an appointment should not come to the office and contact [email protected] instead.