Emergency Services


The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service has launched the following link for reporting crime: https://www.ttps.gov.tt/Report-A-Crime/Report-A-Crime.

You no longer have to visit a police station to make the report in person unless you want to. When you complete the form correctly you will receive an electronic receipt to follow up your case.

Unfortunately the reports MUST be made in English, and in 48 hours, the police will contact you by phone to follow up and confirm the details of the report but you will need English language assistance to complete the call. We advise that you ask for support from bilingual persons in the refugee community or from UNHCR and Living Water to assist with English language for this process. Also be sure to prepare photographs of evidence that can be uploaded to the electronic form.


This form does not replace emergency response requests for police protection. IF YOU ARE IN IMMEDIATE DANGER, call 999 or 555.

Fire Services

For the fire department call 990.


For ambulance services call 811.