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COVID-19: Find out how to protect yourself


The new guidelines regarding UNHCR’s emergency hotlines are as follows:

DAY LINE – +1 (868) 296-3881
Monday – Friday
8 AM – 5 PM

NIGHT LINE – +1 (868) 309-7394
Monday – Thursday
5 PM – 8 AM
(10 PM – 6 AM WhatsApp, text or voice messages only)

WEEKENDS – +1 (868) 309-7394
Friday – Monday
(10 PM – 6 AM WhatsApp, text or voice messages only)

If you have an emergency situation, you must contact the following services:

Police (999)
Ambulance (811)
Fire Services (990)

To seek asylum, please contact Living Water Community by phone on the following days and telephone numbers:

Monday and Tuesday: 281-8737, 329-0734
Wednesday and Thursday: 279-4422, 296-4271

To schedule or reschedule a registration appointments or to renew your UNHCR card, please contact the Registration Centre:
[email protected]

For information about the status of your asylum process or to reschedule an interviews, please contact:
[email protected]

For general matters related to protection issues:
[email protected]

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The page will be continually updated.