Things to do before coming

Prepare personal documentation. If possible, before you leave your country, collect official identification documents for you and your family members, such as passports and national identity cards. These documents help you to establish your identity and nationality when seeking asylum in Trinidad and Tobago. If you do not have any of these documents you may also bring birth or baptism certificates to support your claim. For family members, it is helpful to have documents demonstrating your family ties such as marriage certificates and children’s birth certificates.

Prepare documentary evidence. If possible, obtain documentary evidence to support your claim. These documents may include school certificates or diplomas; vehicle license; military or police document (from your country of origin); professional or religious membership card or letter; death certificates; arrest records or warrants; sworn statements; official government letters; membership cards to party or political movements; medical certificates; and so forth.

Note that forged documents can negatively impact your asylum claim.