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Once you create your account and upload your information, documents and photos, you have 3 months to submit your online request for a registration appointment with UNHCR.

  • This means that you do not have to finish your entire request at once and can continue adding information as you collect it.
  • Be aware that some information cannot be changed or added after you submit your online request for a registration appointment with UNHCR.

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What happens if I do not submit my online request within 3 months? ⬇️

From the moment you create an account online to request for a registration appointment with UNHCR, you have 3 months to submit it.

After that, your account and information will be deleted from the online tool. But you can always return and start a new application, in case your initial account was deleted.

I could not finish entering all my information – can I continue my application later? ⬇️

You do not have to finish your entire application for a registration appointment in one go. You can log in to the online tool anytime and continue adding any missing personal information about you and your family members.  

 You can do so in the following sections:  

  • My Profile – to add personal information about you, 
  • My Family – to add family members and complete their personal information, 
  • My Documents – to add additional documents for you and your family members. 

However, you have 3 months to complete your application. Otherwise, your account and information will be deleted, and you must start again.  

Please note that after submitting your request for an appointment, there is limited information you can update about yourself and your family members.

After submitting your online request, you will be able to:

  • Update your phone number,
  • Update your address in Sudan,
  • Update your address in Egypt,
  • Update your specific needs,
  • Upload additional documents.

What happens after I receive an appointment notification through the online tool? ⬇️

You have not completed your registration with UNHCR until you come in person with your family members to your appointment at the indicated date, time, and location.  

 At the UNHCR registration office, we will: 

  • check your registration appointment slip. 
  • verify that you and your family members on the application are present with all the identity documents you presented online.  
  • verify the personal information you provided, including your photo, documents, address, contact information and any reported specific needs.  
  • enrol your and your family’s biometrics (fingerprints and iris scans). 
  • issue you an asylum-seeker certificate indicating that you completed your registration with UNHCR. 

I forgot my password. How can I reset it? ⬇️

If you forgot your password and cannot log in to the UNHCR online tool, you can reset your password by clicking Forgot your password?” on the login page.

  • Please ensure you can access your e-mail during sign-in, as it will be required to verify your identity. 

My e-mail address has changed. Can I update it? ⬇️

Your e-mail address is used as a unique identifier and represents your case in UNHCR’s online tool. Therefore, you cannot change your e-mail address. 

If you cannot access the e-mail account anymore, please contact UNHCR. 

My phone / WhatsApp number has changed. Can I update it? ⬇️

Yes, you can update your phone number or WhatsApp number by following these steps: 

  • Log in to UNHR’s online tool and click on “My Profile”. You will see an overview of all your personal details.  
  • Click on the “Edit” button in the upper right corner of that page, and you will be able to modify your contact information and other personal details.
  • Don’t forget to save! 

I uploaded a wrong / unreadable document – can I replace it with the correct one? ⬇️

You can only replace a document on your file using the UNHCR online tool if you have not been interviewed yet and your registration process is incomplete. 

 To replace a document using the online portal: 

  • Sign-in and click on “My documents” in your personal dashboard. 
  • Check the list of documents uploaded and click ‘delete’ next to the document you want to remove. 
  • You will be redirected to the document upload page and will be guided to upload another document. 

Please note: You cannot delete a passport or any other ID document from which your basic biodata has been retrieved automatically! 

Can I see the information I submitted about me and my family? ⬇️

Log in to UNHCR’s online tool and follow these steps: 

  • Click on “My Profile” and you will see an overview of the personal details you submitted.  
  • Click on “My Family”, and you will see a list of all the family members you added to your application. Click on their names to see their personal details. 
  • Click on “My Documents”, and you will see a list of all the documents you and your family members added to your application.

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