Protection Concerns

1. Where can I go for help related to an urgent protection concern (e.g. sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) or child protection)?


  • UNHCR services:
    • Essential services related to Sexual and Gender based Violence (SGBV) and Child Protection will continue as usual, albeit in a reduced capacity, prioritizing emergency cases and ensuring low volumes of applicants to the extent absolutely necessary. Referrals through ([email protected]) and ([email protected]) will continue to be attended to as required.
  • Partner services:
    • CARE International provides support for SGBV survivors and remains available through its hotlines.
      24/7 Helpline: 01028859666/ 01028859777
      Emergency hotline: 01028062178
    • MSF is providing emergency medical care for SGBV survivors who have experienced a rape incident. MSF is on call 24/7 – you must call first before approaching their clinic.
      MSF Hotline: 011-1708-3502 (24/7)
    • Refuge Egypt Refuge Egypt is providing emergency medical care for SGBV survivors who have experienced a rape incident. please call first before approaching their clinic.
    • Refuge Egypt contacts:
      • Zamalek All Saints Cathedral Clinic:5, Michel Lotfallah St., (behind Marriott Hotel)
        During working hours: 012 27227507 or 01203339126 (Tuesday and Thursday)
      • 6th of October City Clinic:
        47, El Mehwar El Markazi St., Episcopal Church, 10th District
        During working days: 0128519 8150 (Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday)
        Emergency SGBV line: 012 1197 0037
      • Nasr City Clinic:
        Kilo 4.5 Clinic, Diaa El haq St., El Tabba, (End of Mostafa El Nahas St.) 8th District
        During working hours: 01207063685 or 012 1197 0028 (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday)
        Emergency SGBV line: 012 1197 0013

For unaccompanied and separated children who are eligible for monthly financial assistance, please note the following arrangements for September and October 2020:

In September and October 2020, eligible UASC aged 16 and 17 years old will receive their financial assistance through the Post Office. SMS messages will be sent to each child individually when the assistance is ready for collection.

Children collect their FA using their original UNHCR Card, or with an original UNHCR appointment slip. The Post Office is currently working at reduced hours from 8.00am – 1.30pm, Sunday to Thursday. The children can approach any Post Office in their area.

Eligible UASC aged 15 and younger will continue to receive cash over the counter at Caritas and will receive an SMS notifying them of their appointment date.

If you face any challenges collecting the assistance, contact your caseworker or [email protected].

2. A family member was detained. Who can I call?

  • UNHCR Infoline: Greater Cairo and Alexandria and the North Coast
  • UNHCR Legal Partners: United Lawyers (011 5452 6171) or EFRR (02 2575 1118)
  • Send an email to [email protected]