Food Assistance

Is the World Food Programme (WFP) continuing to provide food vouchers to refugees and asylum-seekers?

WFP has no intention to suspend its support to vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers. We understand how important our assistance is and that vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers are dependent on it to secure food for their families.

Will refugees and asylum-seekers still receive food vouchers from WFP?

In light of the COVID-19 crisis and understanding that our food vouchers cover a big portion of the monthly expenses of the family, WFP has put in place a contingency plan to continue supporting vulnerable refugees and asylum-seekers while taking the safety of its beneficiaries into consideration.

Starting April 2020, as a temporary measure, WFP will be providing refugees and asylum-seekers with cash assistance (equivalent to the value of their food voucher) that can be redeemed at any Fawry service point.

How do I redeem my cash assistance from Fawry?

Beneficiaries will first receive an SMS from WFP informing them about the new cash delivery mechanism through Fawry, then they will receive a second SMS from Fawry with the amount and an OTP code to be presented at the outlet to verify the transaction.

Is there a specific branch for the post office that I need to go to redeem my cash assistance?

You can redeem your cash assistance from ANY of the 125,000 Fawry retailers across the country.

Do I have to go myself to redeem the cash assistance? Can someone from my family receive the cash assistance on my behalf?

Assistance can only be redeemed by either the person owning the phone or a first degree relative who can take the phone with him/her while redeeming the cash assistance. Showing the original message received from Fawry is a must to get your cash assistance.

What do I do if I do not receive an SMS from WFP informing me of my cash assistance even though I am a food voucher holder?

Please contact WFP through our facebook page and we will respond to you within 24hrs or on our hotline 0225299830.

I don’t receive WFP’s food voucher; I would like to sign up to receive the cash assistance

Only food voucher holders are entitled to receive their assistance in the form of cash during the COVID-19 crisis. Adding refugees or asylum seekers to the assistance lists is handled by UNHCR.

How long will the cash assistance last?

Providing our assistance in the form of cash is a temporary measure applied for the safety of our beneficiaries in order to avoid large gathering at the distribution sites. Continuing with this measure will depend on developments related to the COVID-19 crisis.

I had a food voucher but lost it, how do I get my cash assistance?

Your name and case number will still be on WFP’s assistance list and therefore you will be entitled to the cash assistance. There is no need to present your food voucher when receiving your cash assistance, what you need to present at the Fawry service point is your blue or yellow UNHCR card as well as show the message received from Fawry that contains the OTP code to receive your cash assistance.

We still need you to report your lost food voucher so we can issue a replacement when we eventually return to our food voucher assistance.

How long is the validity period for my cash assistance to be collected?

You will be given a period ranging from 2 to 3 weeks to collect your cash assistance. With each cycle WFP will send you an SMS notifying you of the redemption period.