Food Assistance

Is WFP continuing to provide food vouchers to Refugees and Asylum Seekers?

WFP continues its support to vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers. We understand how important our assistance is and that vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers are dependent on it to secure food for their families.

Is it true that WFP will be suspending its assistance to some refugees?

WFP is facing a funding shortfall and as a result is forced to exclude some beneficiaries that have been deemed to be not among the most vulnerable. Beneficiaries who have not withdrawn their food assistance for three consecutive months were also excluded. To ensure optimal use of available funding, priority is given to providing food assistance to the most vulnerable groups and groups facing severe protection risks.

How do you decide on who is eligible to receive WFP assistance?

In general, eligibility to receive food aid is determined through the targeting process, which depends on multiple sources of information, including information available when you register with UNHCR, and sometimes information collected in assessment interviews. The decision takes into account several combined factors, including the financial situation, the number of family members, ease of obtaining other assistance, special needs, protection risks, medical conditions, among many other factors. Then, all cases are compared to identify the most vulnerable families, which fall below the poverty line and are more exposed to protection-related risks than others.

The World Food Programme will continue to provide food assistance to those most vulnerable.

Cases that will be excluded are those least vulnerable, who are above the poverty line, do not face protection risks, and can secure their minimum food needs. They were identified based on a comprehensive review of the information database available from 2014.

To be able to assist as many families as possible, WFP will be applying a ceiling of 5 members per family to the assistance provided. Additional family members will be removed off the assistance cards. (For example a family consisting of a father, mother and five children will only receive assistance equivalent to that of 5 people.)

Is there a way to appeal this decision?

Yes. WFP has an appeal system in place. WFP and its partners will establish appeal frameworks to allow appeals by those excluded from assistance. The system builds on the reassessment of vulnerability of the appealing household and its food insecurity status as the basis for the approval of the appeal and subsequent re-inclusion in the assistance.


A Form has been developed by WFP for appeals. if you were suspended from the assistance and want to appeal, please access this link and follow the instructions: . Appeal Applications are to be received within an Appealing Period of two months of the notification of exclusion.

How long does the appeal process take?

A decision towards your appeal will be taken within 70 days and will be communicated to you.

Is it possible to object to the result of the appeal?


If WFP gets more funds will you be increasing the numbers of those you assist once again?

WFP is always eager to support as many people as possible but will always remain committed to support those most vulnerable cases. We are continuously working to mobilize resources and with more funds we are able to reach more people who need our support. However, it is important to note that WFP receiving more funds does not mean your automatic re-inclusion on our assistance lists.