Registration with the Turkish authorities

If you are an international protection applicant or status-holder or staying as a temporary protection beneficiary, you can register and update your address at PDMM in your province. You can book an appointment with PDMM through


You can also approach PDMM in person to manually book an appointment through the receptionist or PDMM personnel available or through calling 157 YIMER.


Importance of registering with the Turkish authorities

The State of Türkiye is the principal provider of protection in Türkiye. Registration is an important obligation for foreigners seeking international protection in Türkiye as it legalizes your stay in Türkiye. Registration enables you to access public services and available assistance and protects you against forced return to your country.

Syrians seeking international protection who do not register with the authorities cannot benefit from any services in Türkiye, including access to health, education, social assistance or work permit. If you are not registered, UNHCR, other UN agencies, and NGOs would also face obstacles when trying to assist you. Therefore, it is extremely important that you register with the Turkish authorities.

Registration procedures for Syrian nationals from 6 June 2022 onwards

If you have arrived recently in Türkiye or has not registered with the authorities yet, you need to approach Provincial Directorate of Migration Management (İl Göç İdaresi Müdürlüğü) in your province.

You may be referred to a temporary accommodation center for registration, or registered by PDMM if you fall under one of the following categories:

  • If you have a family member who is already registered under temporary protection and not obliged to stay at Temporary Accommodation Centers (TACs). This category would include the spouses with civil marriage, new-born babies, underaged children and dependents of the individuals who are already registered under temporary protection and not obliged to stay at Temporary Accommodation Centers (TACs).
  • If you have travel restrictions due to medical conditions, and if you have no self-care ability,
  • If you are a family member (spouses who can furnish a civil marriage certificate, children, dependents) of Turkish nationals and foreign nationals holding residence permit, work permit or registered under international protection,
  • If you are deemed not suitable to be accommodated in Temporary Accommodation Centers due to a specific need, and your spouses, children and dependents.

If you have any substantiating document of the above-mentioned situations, please provide the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management with the relevant supportive documents.

You will be registered at the Temporary Accommodation Centers if you do not fall under these categories. At the Temporary Accommodation Center that you will be referred to, you will be fingerprinted, and a security check will be conducted for you. You will be required to stay at the Temporary Accommodation Centre during the procedure. You will be issued the Temporary Protection Identification Card (Kimlik) after the security check.

If you cannot pass the security check, you will be interviewed by the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management prior to any other action. Provincial Directorate of Migration Management will issue a decision on an individual basis if a person is assessed to be excluded from temporary protection. Since every administrative decision can be challenged at the Court, you can appeal against these decisions of the Presidency of Migration Management through legal procedures. You may seek legal aid support from the Bar Association in the province where you are residing. UNHCR or UNHCR’s partner organizations can also assist you.

Note: You are always invited to participate in this survey, aiming to understand your level of satisfaction with the interpretation services provided at Provincial Directorates of Migration Management. The answers of the survey will be anonymous. Your feedback will be used to improve the efficiency and quality of the interpretation services provided at Provincial Directorates of Migration Management.

I am falling under the exceptional categories that can be registered in the provinces. How can I get my special needs/conditions known to Provincial Directorate of Migration Management?

Please ensure that you provide correct identification information and explain your special needs to Provincial Directorate of Migration Management officials, along with any available supportive documents (i.e.: marriage certificate, family booklet, medical report, disability report, or any similar document).

 I have been registered in the province, but my spouse was referred to a Temporary Accommodation Center as we are not officially married. What should I do in this situation?

In this case, please approach to Temporary Accommodation Center where your spouse is, along with any supportive documents such as wedding photos or videos. Your claims will be individually assessed by the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management. After this assessment, you may be referred to relevant institutions for official marriage procedures. Following this, your spouse may be referred to the province where you are registered.  

 Where are the Temporary Accommodation Centers?

These centers are located in Adana Kahramanmaras, Kilis and Osmaniye.

 How am I going to be referred to the TACs?

If you directly approached the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management in the province, or if you are identified by law enforcement units, your biometric and demographic data will be collected, and you will be referred to a designated TAC with a travel permit in the accompaniment of law enforcement units.                      

Will I be obliged to reside in TAC after registration?

Yes, unless the otherwise is notified by the Presidency of Migration Management.

Will daily entry and exit from the TACs be allowed?

Daily entry and exit may not be permitted until your security check is completed positively. In cases of emergency or upon the request of the public institutions and organizations, a permission may be granted to you to leave the temporary accommodation centres for a short duration, with the accompaniment of law enforcement units.

 Will my children be able to access to education in the TAC?

Yes, once you are issued with a registration document, your children will be able to have access to education in the TACs.

I was registered under Temporary Protection before 6 June 2022 and my case is still active. Will I be referred to one of the Temporary Accommodation Centers?

No. You will continue to reside in the province.

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