We would like to bring to your attention that UNHCR does not provide in-person counselling at any of its offices. If you would like to contact UNHCR for protection and assistance issues or support, please call the UNHCR Counselling Line at 444 48 68 or email us at [email protected]

We are aware that incorrect information is newly circulating, stating that UNHCR offices in Ankara are receiving applications for resettlement. This is not true. Resettlement is not an application-based process. Coming to UNHCR offices will not result in prioritization of your case. UNHCR continuously reviews the situation of refugees in the most vulnerable situations referred by the PMM, to assess whether they meet UNHCR’s resettlement criteria. If your case is under resettlement consideration, UNHCR will contact you, so do not unnecessarily spend your resources and time to come to UNHCR Ankara, it will not have any influence on your case

Resettlement is a solution that enables refugees to move from their country of asylum to another country, where they will receive protection and assistance. UNHCR works with the Republic of Türkiye and third countries to find durable solutions for the most vulnerable refugees who are facing protection risks in the country of asylum.

Resettlement is not a right. It is also not an application-based process. Only few resettlement spots are made available to UNHCR each year, and few refugees meet the strict criteria for submission to resettlement countries. Less than 1% of all refugees around the world are resettled.

Recognition of refugee status does not necessarily mean that a refugee will be referred for resettlement.

UNHCR works in collaboration with the Republic of Türkiye Presidency of Migration Management (PMM) who identifies refugees in the most vulnerable situations to see if the individuals concerned would be eligible for resettlement processing. Final decisions with regards to resettlement are taken by the receiving countries and not UNHCR.

If your case is selected for resettlement consideration, UNHCR will contact you.

If you believe that your case will need extra attention due to your situation of heightened vulnerability, please call the PMM call centre at 157 or the UNHCR Counselling Line at 444 48 68. More information can also be found on Services Advisor.

Frequently asked questions

Can I apply for resettlement?

No. Resettlement is not an application-based process. UNHCR continually reviews the situation of refugees in the most vulnerable situations, referred by the PMM, to assess whether they meet UNHCR’s resettlement criteria. If your case is under resettlement consideration, UNHCR will contact you.

Resettlement is not a right and does not apply to everyone granted refugee status.

Can I choose which country I would like to be resettled to?

No, refugees cannot choose the country of resettlement.

Countries are not obliged to accept refugees for resettlement. The governments of different countries tell UNHCR each year how many refugees they wish to accept; they also establish their own eligibility criteria as to what types of cases they can receive. If you are selected for resettlement processing, UNHCR will assess your case and decide the most suitable resettlement country based on your circumstance as well as the criteria of the country.

What will I be asked in a resettlement interview?

An interview is conducted individually with each adult refugee included in the case. The interview is carried out in the language preferred by the refugee. The refugee can also express their preference as to the gender of the interviewer and/or interpreter.

The detailed content of the interview is written down in electronic format. The interview might also be audio recorded for anti-fraud reasons and for the protection of refugees. The whole content of the interview remains strictly confidential. In order to facilitate a smooth process and a fair assessment, the refugee is requested to ensure that they tell the truth.

During the interview, the refugee will be asked a range of questions. The interview is an opportunity for the refugee to present his/her own situation, so that UNHCR can have a detailed understanding about the circumstances of the case. The refugee is reminded to provide any relevant identity, travel, or other documents which they may have.

The fact that you were interviewed does not guarantee that you will be resettled.

Please also remember that resettlement is a long process. It may take months or more than a year, depending on the resettlement countries and their assessment procedures, as well as finding suitable accommodation for refugees.

UNHCR will be in touch with you during the different stages of the resettlement process. You can also visit the UNHCR Turkey ‘Results’ website for updates on your case, or call the UNHCR Counselling Line on 444 48 68.

How can I know the result of my application with UNHCR?

To get any updates on your resettlement case, visit UNHCR Results site

I was told that if I paid money to someone, I would be resettled. Is this true?

No, it is not. All services provided by UNHCR and its partners are free of charge.

Do not trust anyone or any organization that asks for money to be paid for services provided by UNHCR, UNHCR partners or the Republic of Türkiye.

These statements are false. These are fraudulent acts aiming to get money from you and no resettlement will occur. These fraudulent people are seeking to take advantage of your situation. Avoid them at all costs. They may show you false information to persuade you that they are connected to UNHCR, its partners or the Republic of Türkiye. Do not believe them.

If you have been approached by someone claiming they can help your case, please inform UNHCR immediately.

You can report this through the following channels:

  • You can email UNHCRTürkiye at [email protected].
  • You can put your complaint in a Complaints Box. Complaints Boxes are available at all UNHCR offices.
  • You can submit your complaint in a sealed envelope to a UNHCR partner’s office, to be delivered to UNHCR by hand.

Your concerns are taken seriously, and will be treated confidentiallyYour resettlement case will not be affected. If you do not want to use your name or case number, you can present your complaint anonymously.

If you have any information about a UNHCR staff member involved in any kind of fraud, please inform us using the Complaints Boxes, or make a complaint to the Inspector General’s Office at UNHCR’s Headquarters in Geneva:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Confidential fax: +41 22 739 7380
  • Mail: UNHCR, 94 Rue de Montbrillant, 1202 Geneva, Switzerland

Where can I go for help on my resettlement case?

If you have been approached by UNHCR for resettlement consideration, and have questions or concerns about your case, please contact the UNHCR Counselling Line on 444 48 68 for further assistance.

I have checked my case status on UNHCR’s Results website, and it states that my case “does not currently qualify for resettlement”. What does this mean?

This means that following careful assessment, your case was not found eligible for further resettlement processing. Accordingly, UNHCR will not submit your case for resettlement. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that you will be considered for resettlement again in the future. Please note that there is no appeal process for this decision.

You remain under temporary protection or international protection in Türkiye , and your rights, obligations and the assistance services available to you will not be affected.

If you are facing any significant problems, please contact the UNHCR Counselling Line on 444 48 68.