Rights and obligations


Please remember that registration is an important right and obligation for foreigners seeking international protection in Türkiye, as it forms the legal basis for your stay in the country and gives you access to services.

Rights and obligations

Additionally, while you are in Türkiye, you need to comply with the laws and administrative obligations prescribed by laws.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Residing in the province of your registration, temporary accommodation centre or in a certain province determined by the Presidency of Migration Management (PMM);
  • Complying with any signature/reporting duties at the required intervals;
  • Obtaining a travel permission document from the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management (PDMM) if you wish to travel outside of your province of registration;
  • Notifying the Provincial Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs and the PDMM of any changes to your identity information or civil status (such as address, marital status, birth and death in your family, official employment status, etc.); and,
  • Notifying the PDMM of changes to your employment status, income and property.

Registration and compliance with the obligations put in place by the laws provide you with access to services, including access to health, education, social assistance, psychological support, interpretation services and formal access to the labour market.

It also enables you to lawfully stay in Türkiye until you decide that you want to return to Syria.

Voluntary repatriation

If you wish to return to Syria voluntarily, you can approach the PDMM in your city of registration. After you inform them of your desire to return, an individual interview will be conducted with you and you will be asked to sign the voluntary repatriation request form to record your voluntariness to return to Syria. If your family members are also willing to return to Syria with you, your adult family members are required to approach PDMM as well.

You will receive travel permission to enable you to travel to, and exit Türkiye, from a border checkpoint within 15 days. Your TP ID card will be taken at the border by the Turkish authorities and your temporary protection status will end upon your crossing into Syria. Should you change your decision to return to Syria, you should inform PDMM in your registration province.

Please be aware that if you sign a voluntary repatriation request form and agree to return to Syria, your temporary protection status in Türkiye will end. You may accordingly face challenges if you later wish to return to Türkiye. Reinstatement of temporary protection status in this case may only be possible if a positive assessment is delivered by the national authorities following an individual interview conducted with you.

Please also remember that you are entitled to receive counselling on whether or not to voluntarily return. Please ensure that you make your wishes clear to the authorities.

For more information or to seek assistance, please contact the UNHCR Counselling Line at 444 48 68.

You can also read and download our leaflet on the rights and obligations of Temporary Protection beneficiaries.

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