• If you or someone in your family are feeling threatened or in danger, you have the right to receive immediate help. You do not have to manage this on your own.
  • There is support available including health support, psycho-social support, legal assistance and temporary shelters. You should not feel ashamed to seek support.
  • If you feel unsafe in or around your home; if you are physically, psychologically, economically, sexually harmed; or feel threatened, intimidated or harassed – help is available
  • Remember that all information you provide will be treated as confidential by law and will not be shared with anyone without your consent.
  • Turkish law applies equally to everyone residing in Turkey, regardless of nationality, legal status, gender identity or sexual orientation.
  • By residing in Turkey, you are protected by Turkish law and support is available.
  • You should not feel ashamed to seek help and you can contact the Turkish authorities and other listed services to seek confidential assistance and protection any time you feel you are at risk of or experience any type of violence indoors or outdoors.
  • Please remember that you have the right to express your preference for gender of the staff.

Violence is not just about behaviors that harm your physical or sexual integrity, that is, your body or sexual and emotional state.

Psychological violence and economic violence are real.
Different types of violence are explained hereby.
Remember that remedies are available.

  • If you witness or notice that someone experiences violence due to their gender and asks for help, remember that you can be a source of support. Listen to them, show them support, do not judge and link them to trustworthy helplines and social support services available.
  • If you or someone you know is facing difficulties and is at risk of violence because of a physical or mental disability or an injury, help is available. The services listed can help with accessing available assistance including health and psycho-social support.
  • If you fear for your life or that of your family members; you can prepare an emergency safety plan for yourself and/or for your beloved ones. This plan should include the preparation of a bag with your important items (such as cash, clothes and documents), a place where you can find refuge, important contact details of services shared here and of people who could support you to be able to use in emergency situations.
  • Be supportive: keep yourself, your family and community healthy and protected.
  • Say no to any form of violence – including physical, emotional, psychological, sexual or economic violence.
  • Nothing can be an excuse for violence against women.
  • Act as a leader in your community and say no to violence/harmful practices by showcasing solidarity against it
  • During difficult times, child marriage (marriage under the age of 18) or other harmful practices may be on the rise, being used as a negative coping mechanism
  • Men and boys can also be survivors of violence due to their gender, sexual orientation and/or gender identity. If you feel hurt, threatened, intimated or harassed, you should not feel ashamed to seek support.
  • Turkish law applies equally to everyone regardless of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality or legal status.
  • If someone you know is feeling threatened or in danger, you can support them by letting them know that there is remote support and protection available
  • All information would be kept confidential by law.
  • Girls and women have the right to protection
  • Treat every girl and every woman with the same respect you would want people to show you.
  • We should remember that all household members have an equal responsibility to take care of domestic duties. We should all share these responsibilities at home.