Temporary protection in Türkiye

What is temporary protection?

Syrian nationals, as well as stateless persons and refugees from Syria, who came to Türkiye due to events in Syria after 28 April 2011 are provided with temporary protection (TP) by the Government of Türkiye. The Presidency of Migration Management (PMM) is the responsible governmental body for all asylum procedures in Türkiye, including the temporary protection regime.

As part of the temporary protection regime, Syrian nationals, refugees and stateless persons arriving from Syria who seek protection from the Turkish authorities under normal circumstances are admitted to Türkiye, and thereafter can seek and receive temporary protection from the Government of Türkiye. They are under normal circumstances not sent back to Syria unless they themselves request to do so.

Individuals who seek temporary protection in Türkiye shall not be punished (such as through administrative fines) for entering Türkiye through irregular (illegal) ways or for irregular stay in Türkiye as long as they are: 1) identified by Turkish authorities while entering Türkiye and seek protection; or 2) if they approach the Turkish authorities themselves within a reasonable time period and provide a valid reason for their irregular (illegal) entry and/or presence in Türkiye.

If you are a Syrian national, a stateless person or a refugee who came to Türkiye from Syria and wish to seek protection, please approach the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management in the province where you are residing and seek protection to become a beneficiary of temporary protection.

Protection and assistance for Syrians under temporary protection

All Syrian refugees who seek protection shall be covered by the TP regime, including those who are not able to present any identification documents from Syria.

Beneficiaries of temporary protection are to be provided with protection and assistance in Türkiye, which includes the right to stay in Türkiye until a more permanent solution is found for your situation, protection against forcible returns to Syria, as well as access to your most fundamental rights and needs.

The Temporary Protection Regulation enshrines a range of rights, services, and assistance for beneficiaries of temporary protection. This includes, among others, access to health, education, social assistance, psychological support, and access to the labour market.

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