How can I check if I am eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine?

To check if you are considered eligible to get the vaccine, you need to log into e-nabiz. If you have never used e-nabiz, you need to log into e-devlet platform first.

If you are considered eligible, you should be able to make an appointment through MHRS (Merkezi Hekim Randevu Sistemi – Central Physician Appointment System) using your e-devlet log-in information. Alternatively, you may make an appointment by calling ALO 182 (MHRS). In case the appointment system does not work, you should approach the District/Province Directorate of Health to seek support.

Who are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine?

According to the list of COVID-19 vaccination groups published by the Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Health, on the covid-19 vaccination information platform, the vaccination program has reached the third phase, meaning that everyone above the age of 18 is eligible to get vaccinated.

Where can I get vaccinated?

Once you confirm your eligibility and have made an appointment, you will receive complete information including where and when you should go to receive the vaccine or can call ALO 182 (MHRS) for more information.

Please note that if you have a special condition that makes you homebound, you can reach out to the District Directorate of Health and inform them of your condition. Upon that, vaccination teams may visit your house and apply the vaccination process at your home.

How many times will I get vaccinated?

The Covid-19 vaccines used in Türkiye are administered in a total of two doses, with each dose provided four to six weeks apart depending on the vaccine chosen. Once you receive your first vaccine dose, you will receive an SMS notifying you of the details for your second dose.

Do I need to have any specific papers/documents to get vaccinated?

You must present your valid Turkish ID card (kimlik) and the appointment number from MHRS. If you do not have a Turkish ID card, please contact the Ministry of Health call center (ALO 184).

Should I pay any fee to get vaccinated?

If you are registered in Türkiye and reside in Türkiye legally, you will be able to receive the vaccine free of charge through the Ministry of Health.

Is the COVID-19 vaccine safe?

There are strict protections in place to help ensure the safety of all COVID-19 vaccines. Before receiving validation from World Health Organization and national regulatory agencies, COVID-19 vaccines underwent rigorous testing in clinical trials to prove that they meet internationally agreed benchmarks for safety and effectiveness. As with all vaccines, World Health Organization and regulatory authorities will continuously monitor the use of COVID-19 vaccines to confirm that they remain safe for all who receive them.

Does the Covid-19 vaccine have side effects?

Like any vaccine, COVID-19 vaccines can cause mild side effects, such as a low-grade fever or pain or redness at the injection site. Most reactions to vaccines are mild and go away within a few days on their own. More serious or long-lasting side effects to vaccines are possible but extremely rare. See

Where can I get more information?

The Ministry of Health provides comprehensive information in Turkish through a dedicated website (,78255/covid-19-asisi-nasil-uygulaniyor.html). Alternatively, you may call the Ministry of Health through ALO 184. However, at present, this hotline is only available in Turkish and English. You can also call UNHCR Counselling Line (444 4 868) available in several languages (Arabic, Persian, Turkish, English, etc…). For more information about the procedures, please follow the leaflets from the following links:

Who should I speak to if I have feedback, complaints or concerns?

You can contact the Ministry of Health call center (ALO 184) with any feedback, complaints or further questions. However, at present, this hotline is only available in Turkish and English. You can also call UNHCR Counselling Line (444 4 868) available in several languages (Arabic, Persian, Turkish, English, etc…)

Am I fully protected after my two doses of vaccine?

While the vaccine will normally protect you from becoming ill, you are still advised to continue following protective measures such as wearing masks, social distancing and washing/sanitizing your hands regularly.


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