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Find out about your rights, obligations and the services available to you

Welcome to the network of Help websites run by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. Here, refugees and asylum-seekers can find information to help them know more about their rights, obligations and the services available to them. Launched in June 2017, the Help site by the UNHCR office in Turkey provides refugees and asylum-seekers in the country with information across a range of themes, from registration and Refugee Status Determination procedures to education and livelihoods. Take a look around and discover what you need to know about your stay in Turkey, including where you can go to seek further assistance.

Share information and stay up to date

Please share relevant information with your family and friends, and check back to stay up to date on news and developments.

Looking for other information? Visit our other websites.

If you’re trying to find out about available services and assistance near you, visit the Services Advisor website for Turkey. You’ll be able to search and find information, including contact details and opening times, of service providers in your area.

If you have an individual case with UNHCR Turkey and are looking for status updates on your case, visit the ‘Results’ website.

And if you’re looking for general information about UNHCR’s role and activities in Turkey, visit the UNHCR Turkey website.