What are the requirements to obtain a UNHCR sim card?

Any person registered with UNHCR Jordan can receive a UNHCR SIM Card by being present in person, providing a valid asylum seeker or refugee certificate. You need to approach any of the designated Zain shops across the Kingdom in order to issue one.

Why should I use a UNHCR sim card?

Having a UNHCR SIM card will enable UNHCR to reach you when needed. The SIM card does not expire (the line does not disconnect) and it provides free calls to the Helpline.

What are the advantages of using the UNHCR sim card?

  1. The line does not need to be recharged to remain active and it does not expire.
  2. Users can call the UNHCR Helpline free of charge.
  3. Users get 500 free of charge calls monthly to other persons who own a UNHCR SIM Card.
  4. Users get 500 MB of free internet monthly
  5. Users can benefit from reduced fees on domestic calls to other Zain lines and networks, as well as on international calls to some countries.

Do I have to pay for the UNHCR sim card?

UNHCR SIM Cards are being distributed for free. Each file number registered with UNHCR can get one UNHCR SIM Cards registered under the name of the Principal Applicant in the file.

Can I obtain a new UNHCR sim card in case I lost mine?

If you lost your SIM card, you can receive a replacement from Zain. The first replacement is free of charge, while fees apply for the second replacement according to Zain’s policy.

Who can I contact in case of questions?

GENERAL INQUIRIES: UNHCR Helpline: 064008000

TECHNICAL QUESTIONS: Zain Call Center: 1234