Protection Services

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If you have been exposed to any harm, UNHCR and its partners are available to support you. You can approach the nearest UNHCR office directly or call the following numbers:

0795546383 | UNHCR hotline in Amman, Zarqaa, Balqaa, Madaba and South governorates

0791420249 | UNHCR hotline in Mafraq

0796139584 | UNHCR hotline in Irbid, Jerash and Ajloun

0791420242 | UNHCR hotline in Zaatari Camp

0797174852 | UNHCR hotline in Azraq Camp


If you need more information about available GBV services and women/girls protection services, please download the Amali App.

Amaali App is a mobile application that will enable you to speak with service providers through the “Chat with Operator” feature, in addition to reporting Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA) by humanitarian aid workers.
To download the application please click on the below:
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Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development (JOHUD)

Service: child protection and sexual and gender-based violence individual social support through case management services.


  • Amman| Northern Hashemi, Queen Zein Al Sharaf Developmental Institute, Al Batha Street.
  • Amman | Al Nozha, Istiqlal Street, behind Istiqlal Mall, Princess Basma Center
  • Amman | Northern Marka, Marka Housing next to the Jordanian Academy for Tourism and Hotels, JOHUD Center for Social Support

Working hours: Sunday to Thursday, 9AM to 4PM.

Free Hotline number: 0789715226

Noor Al Hussein Foundation- Institute for Family Health

Service: psycho-social services, gender-based violence and child protection case management services (individual counseling).

Address: Institute for Family Health Care – Amman, Sweileh, Hay Al Sharqi, near the North Amman Police Station.

Working hours: Sunday to Thursday, 8AM to 3:30PM.

Hotline number: 0799530746



Noor Al Hussein Foundation- Institute for Family Health (GBV)

Princess Basma Development Center

Zahaa Al-Din School Street, next to Prince Rashid Military Hospital, opposite the Boys School, Aydoun, Irbid

0791369005 / 0791369004 / 0798758201.



Noor Al Hussein Foundation- Institute for Family Health (GBV)

Almadina Almonawarah ST, Ajloun. 0790415453 / 0790415120 / 0795738150.



Noor Al Hussein Foundation- Institute for Family Health (GBV)

Al-Ketab Walsonah CBO

King Abdullah street, Jarash

0790415453 / 0790415120 / 0795738150.

International Medical Corps - IMC (Child Protection)

Service: individual comprehensive case management and social services for children at risk. 

24-hour hotline number: 0795785095



International Medical Corps – IMC

Aydoun Street, Iskan traffic light, Irbid


Family Protection Department (under the Public Security Directorate)

Service: provision of safety and security for survivors of family-related violence as well as sexual violence (for women, men, boys and girls).

If you want to file a complaint and report your concern to the police, you may approach the Family Protection Department:

Amman and Central governorates

  • Amman | Al-Rawnaq, 7th Circle, behind Cozmo Supermarket | Landline: 065815846 | Mobile: 0790193193 and 077769674
  • North Amman | Dahiet Al-Rasheed, behind Princess Basma College, Ahmed Helmy Street | Landline: 065154839
  • South Amman | Jawa, behind Mutasarifah Al-Qweismeh | Landline: 064129454
  • East Amman | next to the South Amman Department | Landline: 064129445
  • Zarqaa | Al-Batrawi District, opposite of Al-Jawabra Hotel, next to the LGK roundabout | Landline: 053855131
  • Rusaifeh | near the Circuit Complex, Salahuddin Street | Landline: 053758052
  • Balqaa | As-Salt, Hornet Negev, next to the club additive | Landline: 053533682
  • Madaba | Hanina, behind Carrefour Supermarket, opposite to Princess Basma Centre | Landline: 053246901

Northern governorates

  • Mafraq | Al-Shawabkeh District | Landline: 026232264
  • Central Irbid| Queen Zein Al-Sharaf Street, the intersection of Mecca Street, former North Region Security Command | Landline: 027252531
  • West Irbid | Koura Security Center | Landline: 026520467
  • Ajloun | Abyan, behind Manaseer Gas Station | Landline: 026440423
  • Jerash | Jabal Al-Atamat, near Jerash Mall |Landline 026350372

Southern governorates

  • Karak | Al-Msherfieh, Main Street, near the Public Hospital | Landline: 032386083
  • Aqaba | the old Security Centre, behind the Criminal Investigation Division, next to the Rewaq Market | Landline: 032050317
  • Ma’an | across from the Cultural Center, next to the License Department | Landline: 032130667
  • Tafila | Al-Eis, behind the General Intelligence Directorate | Landline: 032250341


  • Zaatari Camp, Mafraq | Mobile: 0770997598
  • Azraq Camp, Azraq | Mobile: 0770912732

Save the Children

A free hotline for social services and protection is available. This line receives all calls from families and individuals who need help or advice, and they are transferred to specialized services.

Address: Amman, Mecca Street, across from the Jaber Complex intersection, next to Sindbad Gas Station, Al-Aziz building, fifth floor.

Working hours: Sunday to Thursday, from 8:30AM to 4PM.

Free hotline number: 0798667722

General inquiries: 065538822

Reporting School Bullying

UNICEF Hotline: 065509677

The Ministry of Education Hotline: 065680081

Noor Al-Hussein Foundation (NHF) - Institute of Family Health Care (IFH)

Services: physiotherapy, assessment of intelligence, speech and language assessment, special education, evaluation and follow-up of all cases, follow-up on the psychological condition of people with disabilities (motor, mental, sensory, and dual).

  • Amman | Sweileh, Hay Al Sharqi, main street, alley to Rio Jordan Hotel | Sunday to Thursday, 8AM to 3:30PM | free hotline: 065344190
  • Amman | Hashmi Shamali, Yazeed bin Hakam Street, behind Abdullah Azzam Mosque| Sunday to Thursday, 8AM to 3:30PM | free hotline: 064908310

Queen Zein Al-Sharaf Institute for Development (ZENID)

Services for refugees of all ages, including elderly, suffering from any disability.


  • Amman | Hashmi Shamali
  • Mafraq and Irbid
  • Mobile clinics in all governorates

Free hotline for all centres: 065052431 and 065055693.

Handicap International

Services for persons with special needs, people who suffer from injuries and people who suffer from chronic diseases.

  • Amman | Mahatta, Tarabot Community Centre, building number 42, 2nd floor | open on Thursday, 9:30AM to 3PM | mobile: 0780481016
  • Amman | Sahab, Princess Basma Centre, behind Balat Al Shuhada School | open on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 9:30AM to 3PM | mobile: 0780481016
  • Zarqa | Zarqa Camp, near UNRWA Schools, CBR, beside the community development committees | Monday to Thursday, 9:30AM to 3PM | mobile: 0780481016
  • Irbid, Ramtha, Ajloun, Jerash | in front of Al Hassan Sport City South Gate, 2nd floor | Sunday to Thursday, 8:30AM to 5:30PM | mobile: 0787275399
  • Mafraq and Zaatari Refugee Camp | Sunday to Thursday, 08:30AM to 5:30PM | 078 792 5245
  • Azraq Camp | Village 6, next to IMC Clinic | open on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, 9:30AM to 3PM | mobile: 0780481016

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