Social security for work permit tied to specific employer


Social security subscription is mandatory for every establishment that has one worker, and for the employer if the enrolment conditions are met


What is the rate of participation in social security? Who PAY these percentages?

The establishment is obligated to pay the value of the contributions to the SSC, whether paid from the establishment or deducted from the wage of the beneficiary, at a rate of (21.75%) and according to what is shown in the table below.


Employer’s contribution to social security 14.25%
Employee’s contribution to social security 7.50%


What are the benefits of subscribing to Social Security?

Benefit from the applicable insurances (1- Work-related injuries, 2- old aging, 3- Disability Insurance, 4- Death insurance, 5- Maternity insurance, 6- Unemployment insurance where applicable) and soon the health insurance will be applied.


What is the method of subscribing to social security?

The registration process is done electronically (online) and there is no need to visit any of the Social Security branches.


What is the website/platform used for social security registration purposes?

Can a refugee be legally prosecuted if he/she has accumulated payments and has a work permit linked to a specific employer?

The refugee can’t be legally traced in the event of the accumulation of payments, but this would apply to the employer as he/she is responsible for paying the contributions to the SSC


Does non-payment of security contributions affect other applications in other government departments?

No, because the one who is affected in this case is the business owner (the facility, not the worker).


Are there fines for the worker if the employer delays paying social security contributions? What is the value of the fines?

The worker shall not incur any fines, but the employer shall incur delay interest in the amount of 1% per month for any of the contributions that he/she is late in paying.


What are the payment methods used for social security?

  • Daman Pay (a social security payment channel in cooperation with some commercial banks and Al-Alawneh Exchange Company).
  • e-FAWATEERcom app