WFP’s assistance through mobile wallets for Syrian refugees registered in the community

What are the changes that will happen on the modality of receiving WFP assistance?

Starting from July 2022 a gradual change will start in the modality of receiving WFP General Food Assistance (GFA). WFP beneficiaries will start receiving the assistance on mobile wallets, instead than on the WFP JAB card. The first governorates to be moved to mobile wallets will be Ajloun, Aqaba, Balqa, Karak, Tafilah.

Mobile wallets have several advantages for you and your family:

  • Mobile wallets are a better product, with more potential uses including:
    • A larger cash-out network, giving you the opportunity to cash-out not only at ATMs, but also at any physical agent of your mobile wallet provider in the country;
    • Several additional services, including:
      • Cash-in, giving you the opportunity to save money on your mobile money account;
      • Mobile money transfers, giving you the opportunity to buy goods or send money to the mobile wallets or bank accounts of the people around you;
      • Bill payments, giving you the opportunity to pay bills or buy airtime through eFawateercom
      • A companion card (i.e. Mastercard or VISA) available upon request to the mobile money provider, in case you or anyone in your family finds the mobile app difficult to use.
    • It is your own account, just like a regular bank account (and not just a card, like the WFP JAB card), giving you the opportunity to use it for any other economic activity in which you might want to get involved, beyond receiving WFP assistance.
    • It will lead to an improvement in WFP’s service to you, eliminating the need for long delays due to card issuances or replacements, as well as allowing you to receive not only WFP assistance, but also any other type of payment directly on your mobile wallet.

What is a mobile wallet?

A mobile wallet is an electronic financial account that can be accessed via mobile phone to:

  • Cash-in and cash-out out a agents or ATMs;
  • Transfer and receive money;
  • Pay bills, do online shopping and other financial transactions.

Your mobile wallet number is the same number as the phone number on which your mobile wallet is opened (example: if your phone number is 12345, your mobile wallet number will also be 12345).

Who are the service providers for mobile wallets in Jordan? Does WFP encourage using any specific mobile wallet provider?

WFP does not encourage using any specific provider. Each beneficiary has the freedom to choose the mobile wallet provider that best suits her/his needs and WFP will pay its monthly assistance on that mobile wallet.

Some of the service providers in Jordan are:

What are the requirements to open a mobile wallet?

  • The person needs to be aged 18 or above.
  • The person needs to present a valid identity card: a Ministry of Interior (MoI) card in the case of Syrian Refugees.
  • The person needs to have an active mobile phone number and a phone.

How can I open a mobile wallet?

You can open a mobile wallet by visiting the agent of any of the mobile wallet providers in Jordan

Alternatively, some mobile wallet providers give you the opportunity to open your mobile wallet online, from their webpage. If you want to open your mobile wallet online, you will need to:

  • Visit the webpage of the mobile wallet provider with whom you want to open your mobile wallet (links provided under Q3 above).
  • Fill all the information required in the online application available on the mobile wallet provider’s webpage and make sure that the information is accurate. Submit your application only after making sure that the information provided is correct.
  • If your application is successful, you should receive an SMS from the mobile wallet provider informing you that your mobile wallet has been opened successfully.

What are the required steps for receiving WFP assistance on my mobile wallet?

WFP will start its roll-out of mobile wallets by contacting a group of eligible beneficiaries in certain governorates. The first governorates in which beneficiaries will be contacted are Ajloun, Aqaba, Balqa, Karak and Tafilah. Beneficiaries in these governorates will:

  1. Be contacted by Mindset, a service provider working with WFP, to attend awareness sessions where Mindset will provide training on:
    1. How to open and use a mobile wallet,
    2. How to provide your mobile wallet number to WFP;
    3. The terms and conditions of mobile wallets;
    4. Basic savings concepts.
  2. Please note that:
    1. You will be invited to a face-to-face awareness session in a location near you, but you have the possibility of receiving the awareness session by phone, if you prefer not attending physically.
    2. WFP encourages the wife (or one adult female household member in each household) to also attend the session, if possible.
  3. After having opened your mobile wallet with any mobile wallet provider, you will need to provide WFP with your mobile wallet number, by filling the form in the following link (
  4. WFP will rely on the data recorded on the enrolment form, including your mobile wallet number, Asylum Seeker Certificate and Ministry of Interior ID
  5. WFP will verify the data received through the form, to confirm that the mobile wallet number you provided matches the Ministry of Interior ID you provided. If there is a mismatch, you might be contacted by WFP Hotline to solve the issue and inform you that your first mobile money reload might take place only after the verification is complete.

Can I use an existing mobile wallet or do I have to open a new mobile wallet just to receive WFP assistance?

If you already have a mobile wallet, you can use it. But you must make sure that the mobile wallet is still active, since mobile wallet providers freeze mobile wallets after a long period of inactivity. To reactivate a frozen mobile wallet, you must contact your mobile wallet provider.

Once your mobile wallet is active, please provide WFP with your mobile wallet number by filling the form in the following link (

Do I need to have a smartphone to open a mobile wallet?

No. Smartphones and “other” phones can both be used to open a mobile wallet and receive transfers.

Using a smartphone only allows you to access more services, but you will still be able to have basic functionalities, including the possibility to cash-out at agents, by using a “dumb” phone.

You just need to make sure that your mobile wallet is registered and active.

What are the fees and commissions for withdrawals, deposits and transfers?

Some fees and commissions will be deducted from your account, depending on the type of financial transactions you make. These fees and commissions will be different between the different mobile wallet providers.

You can visit the agents of any of the above-mentioned mobile wallet providers to compare the fees and commissions of different service providers.

JOPACC also provides a website where you can compare the fees, commissions and ceilings of the different mobile wallet providers online. Please visit the website through the following link:

. I can’t access the link with the form to provide my mobile wallet number to WFP. I keep receiving the message “(You’re not allowed to register)”?

If you are unable to access the link it could be that:

  • You already provided a mobile wallet number before or you are entering a wrong ID number.
  • You are not registered with UNHCR in one of the following governorates: Ajloun, Aqaba, Balqa, Karak, Tafileh.

Please contact the WFP hotline to receive support.

I lost my mobile phone or the SIM card that I used with my mobile wallet. What do I need to do to keep receiving WFP assistance?

If you lost your mobile phone or your SIM card, please contact your mobile phone company to issue a new SIM card.

Once you have your new SIM card, if your mobile wallet number has changed please inform WFP through the following link, in order to continue receiving your assistance: (

If your mobile wallet number has not changed, you will not need to inform WFP and you will continue to receive your assistance regularly

I have changed my mobile wallet number. What do I need to do to keep receiving WFP assistance?

If you changed your mobile wallet number, you need to inform WFP through the following link, in order to continue receiving your assistance: ( )

Should I return the WFP JAB card and PIN code to WFP after opening my mobile wallet?

No. You should keep your WFP JAB card and your PIN code in a safe place. If you still have remaining balance on the card from previous reloads, you will still be able to redeem it regularly.

Can I contact WFP to know the remaining balance in my mobile wallet or to have information on my transaction?

No. WFP does not have access to information related to your mobile wallet account balance or transaction history. You can contact your mobile wallet provider for any inquiry.

Any other important notes on the mobile wallet?

  • Please ensure that the information provided to WFP through the online form is accurate.
  • Please provide WFP with only one mobile wallet number per household (one mobile wallet number per Asylum Seeker Certificate or Case ID), noting that your household’s assistance will be received only through the mobile wallet you provide.
  • Please note that WFP will not accept the same mobile wallet number for more than one household (Asylum Seeker Certificate or Case ID). Each Asylum Seeker Certificate or Case ID should have its own mobile wallet number.
  • To avoid fraud and exploitation attempts, please do not share your personal information, Case ID number, Ministry of Interior ID card number, PIN code or mobile wallet number with anyone claiming to have the ability to help you in getting WFP assistance. If you need support, please contact the WFP Hotline directly.
  • WFP and Mindset do not have the ability to open mobile wallets for you. If you do not already have a mobile wallet, you will need to open your mobile wallet with the mobile wallet provider of your choice, directly.

How can I contact WFP for more information?

You can always contact WFP through the following channels:

  • WFP Facebook page (Food Assistance for Refugees Registered in Jordan)
  • WFP Hotline: 0797778841 – 0797778851
  • The Helpdesks available in all governorates (open only at specific times and locations that are announced monthly on WFP’s Facebook page).