UNHCR Helpline

06-400 8000

The UNHCR Helpline (064008000) is a call service provided by UNHCR which refugees can use to ask any questions or file complaints related to being a refugee in Jordan. It offers information on all UNHCR activities and recent updates on changes in procedures. Refugees of all nationalities can call the UNHCR Helpline, offered in two languages: Arabic and English.

The UNHCR Helpline operates from Sunday to Thursday, 8AM to 4PM. You will be connected to an interactive voice response that will answer your questions, with a reduced waiting time. The system will ask for the file number and year of birth of the principal applicant in your family to proceed with the helpline menus. You may be asked again for this information by a Helpline staff operator to verify your identity over the phone. All information shared during the phone call will remain confidential. Emergency or complicated calls, such as detention or protection issues, are immediately transferred to a UNHCR staff member. The Helpline IVR system works 24/7 which provides automated responses and escalations as required even after working hours and on official holidays.

Using the UNHCR SIM Card provided by UNHCR and Zain, you can call the UNHCR Helpline free of charge. The line does not expire and you do not need to recharge it to keep it active. If you haven’t received your SIM card yet, please approach the nearest ZAIN shop.

The UNHCR Helpline is: 064008000. If UNHCR wants to communicate with you, UNHCR will only use the UNHCR SIM card number to contact you. You can identify receiving a UNHCR call or SMS by the number: 06-400 7000.

The UNHCR Helpline serves as a two-way communication channel to address refugees’ questions, needs and concerns. It not only accepts phone calls, but also provides automated outgoing messaging.

How to update your phone number

Providing your most recent contact detail will allow UNHCR to stay in touch with you and keep you informed about changes in your case. Please keep your phone number updated in UNHCR records.

It is the refugee’s responsibility to update UNHCR about changes in their phone number. You can update your phone number through the UNHCR Jordan Helpline.

You can do so by calling the UNHCR Helpline at 064008000, which is a service available 24/7 through the Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

Please ensure you follow these steps:

  1. Call the UNHCR Helpline
  2. Choose your language – For English, press #, for Arabic, wait 5 seconds. General Advocacy Message will play, follow the next steps to choose the relevant service.
  3. Select option number 2 from the menu (Option number 2 routes you to General Services Provided by UNHCR navigation).
  4. Afterwards, select option number 1 (Option number 1 routes you to ‘To Update Your Family’s Information’).
  5. Then select option number 2 (This option allows you to Update your Primary Phone Number).
  6. Then select option number 2 (This option allows you to Update your Primary Phone Number).
  7. Enter your 10-digit phone number (Phone number should be in the following format: 07XXXXXXXX).
  8. Re-enter your 10-digit phone number for verification (Repeat the previous step).

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Please note that ALL services provided by UNHCR, including registration, are provided for FREE. For more on reporting fraud, abuse and exploitation, please check our site.