Verification of Syrian nationals under temporary protection

As of late 2016, the Directorate General of Migration Management (DGMM) has been carrying out a verification of Syrians residing in Turkey under temporary protection, through updating and completing the information taken during their registration. This project is continuing into 2018.

This verification covers all Syrians who completed their registration on or before 31 December 2016. The verification is divided into different phases; it will take place at different times throughout the country.

This verification exercise is coordinated by DGMM and conducted by Provincial Directorates of Migration Management which are the provincial organizations under governorates. It is being supported by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Important: Verification is free of charge.

No one will ask you for payment at any point during the verification process, from the time you schedule an appointment to the conclusion of your interview.

Do not trust anyone who claims to be able to get you an expedited appointment for verification. Follow the methods listed here to obtain your appointment.

If you face any problem or abuse or mistreatment at the verification centre, please note that there are complaint boxes in these centres and all complaints are reviewed.

Important: Verification is mandatory.

You must be verified to continue benefiting from services and assistance in Turkey. This includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Healthcare
  • Employment
  • Education
  • Social assistance
  • And other public services

You can also watch videos explaining the verification exercise here.

Introduction to the verification exercise

What is verification and why is my data being verified?

Verification is a process through which DGMM can update the data taken about you and your family during your initial registration with DGMM; it is also an opportunity for you to be given updated and useful information on the services and assistance that you’re entitled to in Turkey as a Syrian national holding temporary protection status.

Since your registration you may have had changes like new birth, death, marriage, departure from Turkey, or a change of address and contact information. This is a good chance for you to ensure that this information is updated. DGMM is conducting this exercise to identify your needs,  provide necessary information, and make referrals for your access to services (including education, healthcare, employment and assistance).

Why should I take part in the verification and what happens if I don’t?

Taking part in verification is a responsibility that you need to fulfill in order for you and your family to continue to have access to services and assistance extended by our country (Turkey). If you do not participate, DGMM may freeze your temporary protection status. This will put you in an illegal status and bar your access to rights, services and the available assistance.

You will receive a new temporary protection identity card (Kimlik) after your verification has been completed.

Who will have access to the information in my file?

The data is protected pursuant to the law on the protection of personal data.

Will I be resettled to a third country if I am verified?

Completing the verification process is not linked to resettlement to a third country. The verification exercise will facilitate the identification of persons with special needs, persons with vulnerabilities, and the needs of families.

Who needs to take part in the verification exercise?

Who should come to this verification exercise?

Verification covers all Syrians living in Turkey under temporary protection who were registered on or before 31 December 2016.

However, not all Syrians are expected to come forward at the same time. The project will roll out in phases so only Syrians who are residing and/or registered in the provinces mentioned here should come forward at this point.

What if I am an asylum-seeker or refugee under international protection in Turkey and I am not Syrian, do I still have to participate in the verification exercise?


What if I am a Syrian but I am not registered with the Turkish government, or I have only completed my pre-registration procedure with the Turkish government at this point, do I still have to participate in the verification exercise?

No. Nevertheless, you should apply to PDMM and get registered if you have not been registered already.

What if I am not a Syrian national but I am a refugee, stateless person or Palestinian from Syria who has been granted temporary protection status by DGMM, do I have to participate in this exercise?


What if I am a Syrian under temporary protection married to a non-Syrian?

There is no need for your spouse to participate in verification if she/he is not a Syrian and not under temporary protection. Only you and your children (if they are under temporary protection) need to participate in verification.

Where and when will the verification start?

The verification exercise will take place at different times in different provinces in Turkey.

Visit our information page on verification centres  to find out which provinces have already begun the verification exercise and where each centre is located. (If verification has not yet started in your province, please check back later for updates. You will also be informed by the relevant authorities once verification begins in your province.)

Booking an appointment for verification

How can I book an appointment for myself/my family?

There are three ways to book an appointment:

(1) You can approach the verification centre nearest to your place of residence,

(2) You can book online at,

(3) You can book by calling the call centre at 157.

Exceptionally, due to possible technical difficulties, those holding a Kimlik starting with 98 are recommended to book their appointment at their nearest verification centre. (This recommendation applies specifically to individuals holding a Temporary Protection ID/Foreign Identity Certificate.

It is sufficient for the head of the household or his/her spouse or an adult dependent to book an appointment through the three ways mentioned above. Do not send your children, a friend, or a relative to book an appointment on your behalf.

Do I book an appointment for verification in the city that I was registered in or residing in at the moment?

If you have moved from the city where you were registered, you can be verified in your new location; you do not need to go back to the city that you were registered in. During verification, make sure you provide your new address. If you have any form of proof of address, such as a rental contract or lease; electricity, water, gas bills; or address statement form from mukhtars, take it with you to confirm your new address. Make sure you bring all your supporting documents and official ID like your passport, national ID, Turkish temporary protection ID card (Kimlik), driver’s license, etc.

What happens if I/my family do not obtain an appointment for verification?

Booking an appointment helps to ensure that the process at the verification centre goes smoothly for you and your family. Only a fixed number of people can be verified at each centre each day. If you show up without an appointment, it will not be possible to verify you that day and you’ll have to return to the centre another day. Save yourself time by booking an appointment beforehand, and come on the appointed date with all your family members. If you do not participate in verification, DGMM  might freeze your temporary protection status. This will put you in an illegal status and bar your access to rights, services and the available assistance.

Attending your verification appointment

What happens if I/my family obtain an appointment but for some reason we cannot show up to the appointment?

In this case, the head of household or his/her spouse or an adult dependent should renew the appointment given for your family. You can book an appointment through the three different ways listed here. You can book a maximum of three appointments; if you fail to show up to all three your access to rights and services may be restricted. Please attend your verification interview at the appointed date and verify your registration.

What happens if one or more of my family members cannot show up to the appointment but the restof us can?

In this case, the individual(s) who were not able to show up should book another appointment. Please do not forget that you can get maximum of three appointments. If you do not show up to all three of these appointments, then your access to rights and services may be restricted.

What if I or one of my family members has a vulnerability such as a disability or medical condition that does not allow us to come to the verification centre?

If this is the case, approach the centre identified for your province and explain your situation to them; they will then advise you accordingly. Bring with you any supporting documents that will help your case such as medical reports from the Turkish doctor/hospital or a disability card from the Syrian authorities. If no one from your family is able to commute to the centre to obtain an appointment, please inform the officials who will conduct the verification of your case and you will be referred to DGMM through them.

The difference between verification and the ESSN project (Kizilay cash card)

What is the difference between verification and the ESSN project (Kizilay cash card)?

Verification and the ESSN are separate projects. The ESSN is the Emergency Social Safety Net programme; it is implemented in partnership by the UN World Food Programme (WFP), the Turkish Red Crescent (TRC) and Turkish Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services. It delivers cash assistance to vulnerable people of concern under temporary protection or other form of international protection living outside of camps across Turkey. Assistance is delivered monthly to each family that is found eligible through the Kizilay card.

Will I receive the Kizilay cash card when I complete verification?

As outlined above, verification aims to update the information taken from you during your initial registration. Being verified is a responsibility which you must fulfil. Verification does not automatically make you eligible for the Kizilay cash card nor start the application for you. You will need to apply for the Kizilay cash card separately.

For more information on the Kizilay cash card, call the Kizilay call centre at 168.

Further information

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