Social counselling 

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Blue Dots: Blue Dots are support hubs that bring together critical protection services as well as reliable information for refugees. 

People in Peril: Social counselling; Assistance with finding schools, accommodation, work; Interpretation and assistance with visiting public institutions; Psychosocial supportEducational activities, Slovak language courses; Leisure activities; Crisis intervention through mobile teams able to travel towards refugee if needed

Slovak Humanitarian Council: Legal counselling; Social counselling; Assistance with finding accommodation, medical services, schools, material aid; Interpretation and assistance when visiting institutions; Psychological support; Child and family-friendly spaces

CARITAS – Slovak Catholic Charity: Material support, including food, hygiene kits and clothes; Educational activities, including language and IT courses, for children and adults; Social counselling, assistance with employment, accommodation and school enrolmentPsychosocial support, individual and group therapies, for children and adultsCommunity and leisure time activities, workshops, for children and adults; Accompaniment to healthcare and public institutions, translation services.

TENENET: Social counselling; Assistance with finding schools; Assistance with finding accommodation; Assistance with finding jobs; Psychosocial support, including for children, persons with disabilities and survivors of gender-based violence also online by registering for online consultationsMedical counselling for children and persons with disabilities; referrals to specialized doctors; Activities for children; Crisis intervention through mobile teams able to travel towards refugees if needed

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