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Welcome to the “Help” website run by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. Here, refugees and asylum-seekers can find information about their rights, obligations and the services available to them in Slovakia.

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3 February 2023: As already announced by the Slovak Ministry of Interior on its website, the validity of temporary protection [odidenec] status in Slovakia has been extended until 4 March 2024. For updating your temporary protection [odidenec] document, you can visit the Portal of the Ministry of Interior .

17 January 2023: From December 2022, the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic, in cooperation with the Central Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family, provides a subsidy to support humanitarian aid for refugees from Ukraine with severe disabilitiesThe subsidy is intended: for adults and children with serious disabilities who left Ukraine in connection with the armed conflict and are staying in the territory of Slovak republic, while the Slovak Republic provides these persons with: temporary protection or the provision of temporary protection ceased for them due to the submission of an application for asylum or supplementary protection or due to obtaining a temporary residence. For more information see here: Frequently Asked Questions, Subsidy to support humanitarian aid for refugees from Ukraine with severe disabilities

22 December 2022: Announcement for Temporary Protection holders. Refugees [odídenci] can check the validity and duration of their temporary protection status in Slovakia online at the official website of the Ministry of Interior of Slovakia. This applies also to those individuals whose Temporary Protection documents expire on 31 December 2022. The validity of temporary protection has been automatically extended until 4 March 2023 for everyone already holding this status in Slovakia, and there is no need to visit the Foreigners Police departments. Instead, the new document with the extended validity can be downloaded directly from the Slovak Ministry of Interior’s website.

29 November 2022: UNHCR extends the possibility for vulnerable refugees from Ukraine to register for one-time winter cash assistance: please click here.

11 November 2022: UNHCR with UNICEF Slovakia launched Digital Blue Dot: Slovakia – Blue Dot Hub

10 November 2022: Registration for one-time Winter Cash Assistance is extended until 18 November (for new arrivals) and until 23 November (for those who are already in UNHCR database, but need to update their information). Please bring with you: (i) Temporary Protection document [odídenec]; (ii) Passport; (iii) Slovak telephone number; (iv) Ukrainian identification/tax number; (v) Birth certificates of your children; (vi) Slovak Bank account (IBAN) number (if you have one). Please note that children must be present at registration. If you, however, need to update only your phone number(s) or a bank account number, there is no need for the whole family to come. Head of household is sufficient.   Also, please note that if you already have up-to-date information in UNHCR database, you will receive the Winter Cash Assistance automatically and you do not need to approach the registration sites.

29 September 2022: ALERT: Fraudulent calls detected! If an unknown caller demands your payment card details and/or internet banking data, or your login details and password, do not provide them under any circumstances! Please do not hesitate and report the matter to the Police (Phone Number: 158). UNHCR would never request any form of payment or ask about bank account details. All UNHCR services are free.

11 August 2022: UNHCR Slovakia launched its official TELEGRAM channel: t.me/unhcr_slovakia

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